Let's take a peek into my bathroom shall we...I don't know about you, but I'm such a product hoarder, especially in the bathroom - sorry to my boyfriend who has about 2cm worth of counter space! I can't be the only one who has the odd body wash and lotion from various Christmas and birthday gift sets, but today I want to dive into the beauty products I use again and again, and that have a permanent place on my bathroom shelves.

This has to be one of my top three cleansers for sure. It's so simple, yet effective, and doesn't strip the skin. The smells is super fresh and my skin is always left feeling so clean, nourished, and not at all dry. Some few key ingredients to note; soy protein, cucumber extract and rosewater, so even if you have more sensitive skin I think you'll like this. I'm definitely overdue a trip to the Fresh store in Covent Garden to pick up a new one!

My oh my do I adore the smell of this. Slightly out of season maybe, but I've never (and I mean never) had so many compliments on a scent in all my 23 years of living. This is a sweet, very sweet, scent, packed full of coconut, caramel and vanilla. It also feels amazing on the skin, which I suppose is the important part, not to mention to scent lingers on the skin all day long - winner for those who like to smell like a fresh batch of cookies! This is the only body moisturiser I will spend over £10 for...worth every penny.

This has been my go-to night oil for a while now. It's incredibly luxurious on the skin, and feels ultra nourishing and hydrating. You can pick this up from a few places in the UK, Selfridges being one, so it's fairly new to the scene and I haven't really heard anybody talking about it. I adore the way this makes the skin look and feel, especially if I'm experiencing any dry / dull patches, aided by lavender and primrose oils that help to tone and soothe. Certainly one to keep in mind if you're in the market for a new oil.

Despite being called a nipple balm, this has to be my favourite lip balm. It's super super thick and I slather this stuff on in the winter months. I'm also prone to some very very dry and flakey patches around my mouth and chin when it gets bitterly cold, and this is the only product I've found to dramatically reduce that. For that, this little gem will always be in my life.

Whenever I style my hair this is always the first product I reach for. I don't curl my hair all that often, but when I do, this helps to create those textured lived in waves we all see on Pinterest and try desperately try to recreate. Touching on smell again, this one gives off sexy man vibes incase anyone is into that. It's no surprise that hair stylist to the stars knows how to make a good styling product, so definitely give his brand a go if you haven't already.

Something slightly newer to my routine, but I've been super impressed with how soft and silky this makes my hair post-wash. As my hair gets longer, it gets knottier, so I'm always after products which help to keep everything sleek and knot-free. This is also a pretty inexpensive brand compared to the likes of Living Proof and Ouai, so I love that it's more accessible and I don't feel as bad when I use 20 spitz at a time. With that being said, maybe don't go overboard with this one as it may leave your hair a little greasier than you hoped...

This is a real all-over exfoliator for me. I love it for my face when I want a gentle scrub (I use the word scrub in the loosest sense as you should never really "scrub" your skin!) and to remove any dead skin cells that may have built up during these colder climates. My legs however is where this gets the most use...I adore this for exfoliating my body before I go in with my epilator or tan. I find it super customisable as you mix it with water, or in this case a body wash, so you can really go as intense as you like. I do epilate my legs, so a good exfoliator is key to prevent ingrown hairs!

Another Fresh product, this time in the form of a face mask, and they do some of my faves. Their Unbrian Clay Mask is fabulous if you need a deep cleanse and something that is really going to clear those pores. I leave this on for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Top tip -  I always apply my masks with a flat foundation paddle brush, it's so much easer and it doesn't get all up in your finger nails.