I'm always excited when a new brand enters my collection. These days, there are new brands popping up left right and centre, and now more than ever we need to be enjoying the little things - for me, that's beauty. Gallinee was one of those brands I kept spotting on Instagram, and so when they reached out (full transparency, these are gifted!) I was super excited to give them a try! Like any skincare brand, they are all about the ingredients, so let's dive in a little deeper shall we...

Gallinee focus on skin and haircare products that help support your skin's protective layer - your microbiome. Their products contain prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics to nourish and support the good bacteria, and are suitable for sensitive skin too. Sounds pretty sciencey, but I hope I haven't lost you!

They don't have a huge range on their website, but I like that as I know products aren't just being churned out for the sake of it. The packaging (as you can see) is super super cute, and the two products I have here to share are worth every penny. 


We'll kick things off with a cleanser, a staple in everybody's skincare routine. Don't let the word "foaming" turn you away from this one, I know that can be a dividing word in the skincare industry. I don't class this as your typical "foaming" product in that it doesn't dry out my skin, or make it feel striped and squeaky squeaky clean. The base of this still manages to be very creamy, not at all soapy, and it feels very gentle. I pretty much use all of my cleansers with my Foreo Luna (a handy device I will forever recommend) and I adore the results. If smell if something you take into account when purchasing skincare, this has a very very subtle citrusy scent, so a perfect for those AM cleanses. This retails for £15, so not too pricey!


This was a funny one for me to get used to, as it's a hair shampoo that doesn't lather up! Sounds strange as I think everyone is used to that foaming sensation we get from traditional hair shampoos -but not with this one! Because of that, I found that I first applied way too much (user error!) and it made my hair a little more oily than usual. Second time around I was a more conservative with it, and I loved how gentle it was. It's super creamy and nourishing, and the ingredients are meant to work in a way that means you don't have to wash your hair as often - I'll be sure to feed back on that! If you have a sensitive scalp, this should be on your hair shampoo radar.