It does seem a little strange recommending an SPF given the current pandemic we are all experiencing...I do want to keep doing what I love though and keep my beauty talk up as I know (at least for me) it's a nice escape. In addition, here in the UK, we are able to go outside and exercise once a day, and I really really urge you to do so if you can, ensuring to keep your distance! It's super important for the mind, and to stretch your legs if you're sat down all day. This means that SPF is still 100% necessary and should be sitting on your beauty counter ready for those moments.

Dermalogica is a brand I really love and trust when it comes to skincare. They have some amazing products that my skin adores. SPF is a hard nut to crack, some are too thick, too greasy, don't have a high enough factor, the list goes on. Last summer I was all about the Dermalogica Broad Spectrum which is still a firm favorite, so I was really excited to give their new Invisible Physical Defence (very kindly gifted) a go.

Being a physical sunscreen means it will will block out the sun naturally, without bringing harsh chemicals into the mix. It feels super lightweight and is the perfect final step to any skincare routine, setting you up for your daily dose of fresh air! It's a very lightweight formula, and sinks in well to the skin. I haven't been wearing much makeup, I'll be honest, so I can't comment on how well it sits underneath a full face, however feels lovely with the minimal concealer and cheek products I have been using.

I wouldn't go any lower than an SPF of 30, especially for the face, so this is perfect for me. It also offers broad spectrum protection which is something everyone needs to look out for when purchasing an SPF. This essentially means that your skin will be protected from both UVA and UVB rays.