Welcome to my blog, ByMillie, thank you for stopping by.

I'm a 26-year-old with a passion for beauty (hence the blog), dogs (I have a few at home), coffee (how basic) and cocktails (please drink responsibly). I started my blog whilst I was heading off to University in the hopes to expand my knowledge of the beauty industry and share a love I've had for a while.

Since I can remember I've loved makeup. My eldest sister always tells me how I used to riffle through her makeup bag when I was younger, picking our products and opening them till my little heart was content. Oh how I adored having older sisters and a fab mum who could teach me all the things about makeup!  When I was around 14 I headed to the States with my parents (such an amazing trip). Whilst in the beautiful city of San Francisco, mum and I went to the original Benefit store where I picked up my first ever high-end makeup product. It was a blue mascara if anyone's wondering...yes blue!! After, I had my first ever Sephora trip (thank you mum for introducing me to such a magical place) I picked up a little old' nail buffer and have never looked back!

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