Skincare will always be a love affair of mine. I adore researching the best new ingredients, and the brands that are really delivering with their newest releases. Coming into 2020 I did want to strip back my skincare routine some-what. I'm not talking about cleanse, tone, moisturise - your girl needs a little more attention than that - but taking the less is more approach. With that said, here's some products I loved towards the end of 2019, and that I won't be switching out anytime soon! 

It's no secret that I love Fresh as a brand. My skin totally adores their products, and I always love their new releases. A facial essence was definitely something I was keen to get on board with, and I'm super happy with this one. Essentially, it's another super thin layer of moisture that you apply post-cleanse. I didn't know how much I would love this, but it really makes my skin feel so much more nourished and hydrated. I'll use this AM and PM for optimum results. It also helps to battle the effects of pollution on the skin, which is a huge plus as a London dweller. 

This has been in my routine for years now and I continue to repurchase it time and time again. Kiehl's certainly know a thing or two about oils. I was obsessed with their Midnight Recovery oil for years, so when they released their day-time version I was super excited to give it a go. This makes my skin so so radiant and hydrated, it's perfect for these dull winter days. I take a few drops and will mix it in with my moisturiser. You can use this alone of course, but I love to play mixologist and add this to my favourite daytime moisturiser for that ultimate supple glow.

This is a new brand to me, and they kindly reached out and gifted me a selection of their products. For the price point, I was bloody impressed with the bits I got to try. In that mix was their Daily Brightening Serum that contains Hyularonic Acid, an ingredient known for it's hydrating properties. I suffer with dry / dehydrated skin, so this is right up my street, and is a serum I would highly recommend if you sit in that same boat.  It sinks in very well, making it the perfect AM serum to use before your makeup, and my skin feels 100% more moisturised after. Definitely don't forget the power of a Hyularonic serum!

Keeping with the Good Molecules theme, the other product I was able to try was their Priming Moisturiser. I don't use this in replace of my standard AM moisturiser (which we'll come to in a second) but I do find it creates an extra layer of hydration before I apply my foundation. It has a handy pump, and I love how lightweight this feels on the skin. It's not sticky, or too greasy, it's a very easy-to-use formula and feels lovely on the skin.  It's also Silicone-free, so it doesn't have that slippy texture. In the summer, I may use this as my normal moisturiser, but for now in the Winter I love the added boost this gives me.

I will always have a selection of masks floating around in my bathroom. I love the process of masking, I find it really relaxing and like I'm taking time out for myself. This isn't something I do everyday, but a few times a week I do like to soak up those added benefits they provide. Lately, I've been gravitating towards the Evolve Organic Beauty Radiance Glow Mask which is as lovely as it sounds. It smells like chocolate so already we're off to a great start, and it leaves my skin so so soft and radiant. It contains Cocoa powder and clay which help to exfoliate a detoxify the skin, whilst the organic oils help to maintain moisture and really give you that youthful glow. At £24 I think this is definitely worth picking up! 

I really have a thing for Hyularonic Acid don't I? This is another one that is packed full of hydration and moisture,  more pricey that some other bits mentioned here, but I can't fault the formula on these dry days. The packaging I love, the blue jar I think is super summery and looks lovely on my bathroom counter - not essential, but it's the little things. This is a very light-weight gel/cream which leaves my skin plump and hydrated all day long. I have also been known to reach for this in the evenings as I love it that much. I'm coming to the end of this now, but I'm determined to use every last drop. 

This is a new release from Dermalogica and I was super lucky to receive this on the day it launched. I'm not fussy when it comes to eye creams - I don't want something too heavy and claggy, but being in my early 20s I'm more trying to prevent and hydrate. Eye serums are a great first step if you're young and just wanted to dabble in the orbital skincare game. This one in particular is so lightweight, it sinks in effortlessly and the Vitamin C helps to brighten those tired eyes. This is a fantastic daily eye serum to use if you don't want anything too thick.