A good hydrating face mask can go a long way in the winter months. My skin seems to take on a snake-like mentality, shedding every other day, feeling very dry and scaly. Sexy I know, but who can relate? As well as keeping on top of my daily skincare routine, I love to incorporate a few masks to amp up my regime a couple of times a week to help with how nourished and hydrated my skin feels. These are all masks made to boost radiance and hydration, something my skin is in dyer need of at the moment.

 Fresh Rose Hydrating Mask 

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This is one I have been raving about for years now, it's by far my top pick of the three I'm going to mention today. Fresh do some amazing skincare products, and their masks (though quite expensive) are something I can always rely on when my skin is playing up. Their Rose Hydrating Mask really does encompass everything I want a hydrating mask to be. Containing rose, cucumber extract and aloe vera, this not only tones and nourishes the skin but it helps to soothe as well - an essential benefit for me if my skin is feeling red and irritated. 

Evolve Organic Beauty Radiance Glow Mask 

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This is fairly new to my mask collection, but upon the first few uses I really have fallen in love. This offers a slight exfoliation which my skin laps up in the winter months. Not the most appealing in the jar, but I really love how this mask makes my skin feel. I leave it on for about 10 minutes and rinse with warm water - my skin honestly feels so so soft and nourished. I can't recommend this enough for a quick hit of radiance. 

 Cuticura Dry Cream Skin

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Not what you typically think of when talking about hydrating masks, but this is such a saviour if your skin is really having a moment of dryness. This is more of a treatment cream, so it is super super thick and very hydrating, definitely not a cream you'd want to apply before makeup! The way I've been using this is as a light layer all over skin and leaving it overnight to work it's magic. An overnight mask if you will. I reserve this for those days when I have patches of very dry and irritated skin and it works wonders. This is also very affordable, so I would highly recommended adding this to your skincare stash in case of a dry skin emergency!