I love chaining up the products I use when a new season roles around as Spring is here, there have been a few things I've switched up for these (slightly) warmer months. Here in the UK, the sun is out, as are the shorts, well maybe not that far, but it's definitely warmer.

All important SPF.
SPF is so important all year round, but when the sun is shining I prefer to use a separate suncream and not rely on my foundation which may have an SPF of 15 or so. I never found any I loved until last year. They were all too thick, didn't sink in well and I found they clogged my pores, but thanks to the Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 50+ I no longer worry about that. This is a very lightweight formula which feels like you're simply adding another layer of moisturiser. I can't stress how important SPF is guys!

A light and fresh base.
I hate wearing full coverage foundations in the spring and summer, my skin feels weighed down and I like something that is more fuss free. I always use a serum/oil and moisturising combo and the Kiehls Daily Revive Concentrate is a beautiful oil which sinks in quickly and wakes up the skin. I love this in the warmer months as it isn't a thick product and provides my skin with a fresh base for makeup. A glowy base is also something I love to sport come spring and summer. The Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow is a fab product for giving you that lit from within look. It's a gorgeous golden shade which helps to bring light back into the skin. After that I'll use a tinted moisturiser type product to keep things fresh and dewy. The Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint is one I've been enjoying lately as it offers good coverage, but it's moisturising too. Liz Earle makeup doesn't get as much recognition as I think it deserves, all the base products from the range that I've tried have really impressed me, so I would highly recommend them. Lastly for my base I've switched to a pinky coral blush, super appropriate and classic for this time of year. This YSL Radiance Blush in No9 is a truly beautiful shade. It's made up of four sections and I swirl them all together to give my cheeks a natural glow.

Going smudge proof.
I always go back to my waterproof or smudge proof mascaras when the weather heats up. I don't sweat loads - how lovely - but it's better to be safe than having mascara under your eyes...The Liz Earle Smudgeproof Mascara is an amazing one for staying put. It's only smudge proof, not waterproof, so if you're looking for a waterproof formula I would recommend the Clarins Waterproof Mascara. The wand on this bad boy is pretty large but it's a very defying formula and great for volume.

Sheer, glossy lips. 
Tinted lip balms are my go-to in the warmer months, I just can't get enough of them! The Korres Pomegranate Lip Butter is a very moisturising sheer balm in a pot. They have other shades of this, but I love the pink tint this one gives my lips. If you want something to take you from day to night, the YSL glossy stains are great, I have the shade 13 which is raspberry pink and I adore it. The formula is great, they feel comfortable on the lips and will last a fair few hours.

Getting that beach hair. 
I love texture sprays and sea salt sprays as they make us English folk look like we've just stepped off a beach in Cali - I can dream...The Toni and Guy Sea Salt Spray is one I've used for a few years and I think it's a great drugstore find. If you go to town with this it may feel sticky in the hair so use with caution. A few spritz in the ends and lengths of my hair, scrunch it up, and my hair has a lot more texture and a slight beachy wave. I love to use this after I've curled my hair too, to give it those lived in vibes.

Exposing those limbs. 
I've already been to one wedding this season, and getting out my legs was something I was not looking forward to. After digging out every hair removal device known to man and slapping on a bottle of fake tan, I was good to go. If you have a holiday or event coming up in the near future, start that prep now with a gradual tan. I love the Dove Summer Revived Gradual Tan which I've mentioned before, but they've repackaged it so I thought I'd mention it again. If you apply this every day, or every other day, you will start to get bronzey, glowing limbs which is what everyone wants right?!