Always remember to take time for yourself.

I love to pamper myself, I mean, who doesn't. If I have an evening to myself I'll light some candles, throw on some music and get really get into the pamper groove. It's so important to set a couple of hours aside every now and then to wind down and treat yourself to some well deserved me time. There's always four things I love to focus on when I pamper myself and those are, bath, body, face and hair, all of which I'll be talking about today. Every so often I'll throw a couple of other bits into the mix, but this is a great base routine to get started with. 


Is it even possible to have a successful pamper evening without running a super indulgent bath? I don't tend to have a bath very often, I'm definitely a shower type of gal. Of a Sunday evening though, I'll light some candles and start running myself a bath. This bath oil from Clarins is great, it has such a relaxing aroma and creates the perfect, calming atmosphere. It adds a nice amount of bubbles too if you mix it around. It has that typical 'spa' scent, infused with camomile, which is soothing and also great for sensitive skin.

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There's nothing better than using a body oil which smells good enough to eat. I love this L'Occitane one, I save it for when I want to treat myself as it is more expensive than your standard body lotion or oil. The oil makes your skin feel like silk, such a nourishing formula and also great post-shave as it doesn't irritate the skin. The smell sticks around, it's very sweet and almondy which I adore. If you're on the hunt for a softening body oil which has a divine scent this is worth checking out! Also a top tip I have when it comes to body care is to use a dry brush when possible. This will help with blood circulation and create a smooth, even base for tanning products, and any other body products you may use after.

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Face masks are a treat at the best of time, but applying one which smells like roses makes the experience even more luxurious. I love this face mask from Fresh, it makes the skin feel really soft, nourished and supple, the rose also hydrates. If my skin is feeling a bit dull and in need of a treat, this is always what I reach for. It's pricey stuff, but totally worth it.

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Hair masks are the one thing I always say I'm going to use x amount of times a week, but it never happens. I seem to always gravitate towards them when I have an evening to myself. This Dove one is lovely, affordable and makes your hair feel really soft and helps repair split ends. I take a generous dollop of this, work it through the ends of my hair and clip it up so it's out of the way. I leave it on for about 15 minutes, pretty much the duration of my bath, then rinse. If you rinse with cold water it'll make your hair shinier!

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