I love to discover new beauty brands from all ranges of the price spectrum. Sometimes I feel that the price of an item can falsely represent the quality, especially with cheaper brands. I want to do more drugstore style posts to show that you really can get great products on a budget, but today I wanted to share with you the brands I love to use across the board, no matter the price, these brands and products never let me down. There are so many other brands out there I love, and ones I talk about all the time, but I'm sure the ones I'm mentioning today will be no surprise to you all. If there's any products from these brands which you love and use all the time please let me know, I'd love to try more.


If I could only shop from one drugstore brand, I think L'Oreal would be the one I choose. Their base products are second to none for the price and I love some of their eye, lip and brow items too. Admittedly a few of their foundations are slightly pricier than others from the drugstore, but it's worth spending a few pennies extra in my opinion. A few of my favourites have to be their cushion products, which are perfect for a natural, fresh look, their Brow Artist Plumper, which works really well for taming and adding colour to the brows, and their Lumi Magique Primer. It's one of the brands which seems to be great at pretty much every beauty category and I feel I could easily do a full face of makeup using their products. Please let me know if any L'Oreal products you love as I'm always open to trying more! 


MAC is such a classic brand and one I feel everyone can get nostalgic over. Even now, years after trying my first MAC lipstick and starting off my little MAC quad, I'm still head over heels for the brand and still adore their products. Their lipsticks will always be one of my favourite formulas ever, Syrup and Plumful being my two faves. Their Pro Longwear Concealer is another holy grail of mine, it's a fab concealer for all over the face and under the eyes. I don't find it creases and a little goes a looong way! Of course their eyeshadows are really good too and I love that you can build your own palette, as you can see I'm in the process of mine now! All That Glitters, Wedge and Sable are three I would highly recommend for an easy everyday eye. 


In my opinion it really doesn't matter if you buy a £2 nail polish or a £20 nail polish, you'll probably only get 7 days max out of it anyway. Essie is my favourite nail polish brand, their colours are so stunning, the formula is great, and I love the brush. Like I said, unless you go for a gel manicure, a standard polish will only last a good 5-7 days, and that's if you pick up a good formula. I can get that with Essie polishes and they don't break the bank. My favourite shades for spring are Mint Candy Apple - classic - Fiji and Watermelon. 


Aah, where to start with CT. My love for her brand is undying and I can safely say it's probably one of my all time favourite makeup brands, hence it's appearance here today. The Filmstar Bronze and Glow is a great bronzer, highlighter duo. The highlight shade is a gorgeous gold and it seems to have a blurring effect on the skin. Her lipsticks are also amazing, Bitch Perfect is my favourite nude shade and works great all year round. The eye palettes are faultless too. Such buttery formulas and the colour selections make it really easy to create a seamless smokey look. There's still loads I want to try from CT, but being more expensive it's a gradual process. The packaging alone is enough to draw anyone in! 


I wanted to include a skincare brand in here and one I love and always go back to is Origins. They have some really lovely products on offer and if you're just starting out with building your skincare routine, Origins is a brand I would check out. Their prices range around the £20-£30 mark, not bad for good skincare. Their masks are so great, I've recently reviewed their new sheet masks so I'll link that post here for you to check out. I'm also a huge fan of their moisturisers, GinZing for the morning and High Potency Night-A-Mins for the evening. I've used this brand for years and I think I'll still be reaching for it in years to come.