I feel very lucky and privileged to say that I've done my fair share of travelling over the 20 years of my existence. Discovering new places and seeing what the world has to offer is a gift that I feel everyone should experience. Put me on a 5 hour flight, and I'm fine, anything long haul however, I struggle. I wouldn't say I get anxious over whether or not we're going to make it without plummeting to the ground... I get more anxious over whether or not my stomach can handle being in the air for 7+ hours - I have puked multiple times on a flight hence the worry...

This has definitely affected me negatively and I get extremely worked up when it comes to hopping on a plane, even beforehand in the airport I can feel my stomach turn. I never thought travel sickness would really effect me and when I was younger being sick on a flight never worried me, as not much does when you're 6, but now I'm older it's something which is impacting me more and more.

If you're in the same boat as me, here are a few tips I have which help get me in the right frame of mind and make the flight a lot easier and not a deterrent for allowing you to see the world. 

I can't tell you how grateful I am to have these. Blocking out any plane noise and shutting my eyes really helps me to imagine I'm not a million feet up in the air and I can just relax and pretend I'm somewhere else. If you're scared of flying, hate the noise as it makes you anxious, I can't recommend a pair of noise cancelling headphones enough! And if you're the unlucky one with a screaming baby on the plane, these will get you through! 

Being stuck on a plane for however long can definitely make you feel less than human. It sucks the life out of you (and moisture) for sure. Keeping a big bottle of water with you and staying hydrated will help so much with how you feel. If I don't keep drinking, I start to get a headache, then it's pretty much downhill from there. Keeping hydrated from the inside is super important, but a little skincare can go a long way too. The Pixi Hydrating Mist is 80ml, just under the 100ml limit, and is a great travel companion to make your skin feel supple and nourished. 

I always pack my This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray with me if I'm travelling anywhere. This also under the 100ml limit, so you can easily pack it in your hand luggage. They have a handy roll on version too which is perfect as it won't effect the people around you. If you have the spray bottle, spray some into your hand first, then pat in on your neck and pillow, this just means you won't be pissing anyone else off by spraying lavender in their face...If you use this at home, it will be really comforting to have it with you as it should help you drift off into a nice sleep. 

If you're travelling long haul, it wouldn't be a bad idea to pop on some deodorant and chew some gum before heading off the plane. I always feel grim after a flight so going in the toilet, applying some deodorant, and maybe even getting out those wet wipes, will help you to feel more you and get you ready for landing. If you're going to be arriving at your destination during the day, or morning, this is also really great incase you're going to be straight out for some sightseeing!

The first time I took travel sickness pills was on my trip to NYC last summer with my boyfriend. Previously when travelling across the pond I have been known to throw up, so I was really worried that this would happen again without my mother by my side to franticly find a sick bag.. Luckily I took some sickness pills half an hour before boarding, and I was fine, thank the lord! This is something I will definitely continue to do to settle my stomach before long haul flights. 

Let's face it, travelling is very boring and can be stressful, but remembering why you're there and what will be waiting for when you step off that plane makes it worth it. I would never want to say no to travelling across the world because I was worried or anxious, and you shouldn't feel that way either. At the end of the day, being on a flight for how ever many hours is a small price to pay to experience another country.