Sleep is such an important thing in everyones life and I feel like one big new years resolution we should all have is go to bed earlier and get more sleep, who's with me?! My bedtime routine can definitely be improved so I get a better quality of sleep and wake up feeling fresh. Here's a few tips to achieving that perfect night sleep...

Get rid of any blue light: Blue light is essentially the brightness your phone and laptop screen give off, and staring at it before you go to sleep isn't going to be very beneficial. It keeps your mind awake. This is something I need to work on too, but shutting down your electronics 30 minutes (or more) before going to bed will really help your mind to switch off and relax. I'm currently reading 'Get your sh*t together' by Sarah Knight before I go to bed, which is a great read for motivation and it really makes me what to get some zzz's and get up early to start my day.

Use a sleep spray: If you struggle to relax and wind down try spraying your room with a calming fragrance. I love the This Works Pillow Spray which I've spoken about a lot, but it's fab! I spray this on my pillow and around my bedroom 10 minutes before I go to sleep and it really helps you to drift off. It's infused with lavender and chamomile to help you fall asleep naturally and wake up fresher.

'Do not disturb': You know that little moon icon on your phone, use it! This is something I've started doing recently and I sleep soundly through the night. If you constantly have your phone buzzing all throughout the night, that's going to disturb your sleep and you may even wake up, not good! It's a very simple, but effective, thing to do and I highly recommend pressing that do not disturb button before you head to bed.

Light a candle: This tip goes hand in hand with the sleep spray. I love to light a candle when I'm getting ready for bed and I tend to reach for warming scents as I find these very relaxing and enhance your cosy environment. I've been obsessed with the Jo Malone Sweet Almond and Macaroon candle, it's a gorgeous sweet scent which is relaxing and a super warming scent to wind down to.

Slather yourself in lotions and potions: 10/15 minutes before I settle down with a book, I love to focus on my skincare routine and apply some thick creams to ensure my skin is going to wake up looking fresh. By doing my skincare routine the same time every night it tells my body that it's the end of the day and it's time to wind down. Every now and then I'll apply an overnight mask which just helps to add moisture back into my skin. I love the Origins Drink-Up Intensive Overnight Mask as it smells divine and leaves your skin looking and feeling nourished. If you want to treat yourself before bed, this is the way to do it! Don't forget about your body too! I love to apply a thick body cream then pop on my pj's. The Clarins Moisture Riche Body Lotion is really nice for dry skin. It sinks in quickly and restores moisture back into those limbs.