Summer is now here - but of course it's raining outside - and I thought it would be nice to share with you what I do in order to get my body ready, and here we will be covering all the bases. I like to give everything a good deep clean before showing off some skin, so that means using a lot of masks and getting in all the beauty treatments I can!

We'll do this post in a head-shoulders-knees-and-toes kind of formation so starting from top. Hair is something I don't tend to pay much attention to, but in the summer I like to get it cut and coloured to make it more manageable and lighter for the summertime. If you do it at home, Madison Reed do some great dyes which will give you salon finish results. The colour range is great and they have a  hair dye advisor you can complete before buying so they can match you to the colours they think are best. To keep that colour going I would use products that are specifically tailored for coloured hair and Aveda have a great line for this. Their Colour Conserve Strengthening Treatment helps keeps the colour fresher for longer as well as making sure it's nourished and in good condition.

Skin wise, masks are essential. Depending on your skin type your choice of mask will differ, LUSH make some excellent ones which cater for different skin types. If you want hydration then I would go for the Oatifix and for a refreshing boost and something that will combat blemishes I would recommend their Mask Of Magnanimity which has a minty scent and leaves the skin feeling cooled and cleaned. I also like to get my eyebrows sorted out and that means heading over the Blink Brow Bar to get them threaded. I used to get them waxed and found that it was too harsh on my skin so I tried threading and it didn't hurt as much as I thought, which I'm pleased to report. They're great over at Blink so I would recommend giving them a call if you're considering getting your brows done.

My body is what I spend the most attention to in summer and giving it a good exfoliate is key. Lately I've been using the Clarins Exfoliating Scrub which is great and is a good step to do pre tanning as it removes all the dead skin. Then I'll epilate to make sure my legs are nice and smooth. I wouldn't recommend going in with a tanner straight after this though as it will irritate the skin, so always shave ect a day before. I've done a whole post on how I epilate and my tips so I'll link that here. When it comes to tanning I love to use my St Tropez Express Tan which is fab for creating a natural tan in only a few hours. I've banged on about this so much this summer already so I shan't bore you with any more details!