Investing in skincare is something I do a lot, mainly because I think its important to give your skin all the nourishment and attention as possible. Of course what you eat has a huge impact on your skin and you'll find that if you've had one too many McDonalds one week, you'll have a couple of uninvited guests claim there spot on your face - no pun intended - so eat lots of good food and drink plenty of water. Onto skincare now and heres a few bits that I don't mind paying a bit extra for.

Makeup removers and cleansers come in the bucket load at drugstores and are all pretty good so we'll skip those and move onto serums/oils. This is where you can really treat your skin and in my opinion the product that makes the most difference. Kiehl's and Estee Lauder make my favourite ones and I find my skin looks 10 times better in the morning than if I use nothing at all, that's when I fall in love with a product! Serums can be used to target ageing, moisture, blemish prone skin, the list goes on and they really do better the appearance of the skin. The reason I say splurge is because there aren't that many good ones at a inexpensive price and they last for months and months so way worth the money. 

Next would be face masks/treatments, which again, last ages as you only use them once or twice a week. I also feel like when you give yourself a nice facial or use a face mask you want to use products that make you feel luxurious and indulged. Ren have an excellent 1 minute facial which is perfect if you're looking for quick - very quick - pick me up. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and glowing. Also check out Oskia and Origins for some other great masks as they do some which are perfect for giving lack lustre skin a boost of moisture.

Moisturisers are also quite a luxurious product I feel, and you can never go wrong with hitting up the Origins counter when you're in need of a new one, they're fab! They have lots of different ranges which cater for different skin types, as well as specific morning and night ones which can be hard to find within some brands. They are pricey but they last and the quality is amazing, as well as the smell. For the morning I would recommend giving the GinZing one a go and the High Potency Night-A-Mins for night. Clarins and Kiehls also do some lovely ones.

Skincare brands worth the money; Origins, Ren, Clarins, Kiehls, Oskia, Sarah Chapman, Estee Lauder. Favourite products listed below...