Festival seasons is right around the corner and for all of you who will be of attendance, I thought I would throw together a few must haves! The makeup bits aren't essential but everything else I would highly recommend you throwing in your backpack.

Lets start off with body. Deodorant is of course an extremely essential item. You're going to be dancing, sweating, surrounded by a tonne of people in crowds, so you want to make sure you keep any smell at bay - only good smells allowed here. The Mitchum 48hr is my favourite as it keeps your underarms fresher for longer and it has a nice smell too, not soapy like I find others can be.
Face wipes can be very multi use at festivals. Whether you use them on your face to remove makeup, or to freshen up your body if the showers don't seem inviting, these are a must. I would recommend picking up the Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes which are super cheap and, as the name would suggest, kind to the skin. Not often will I recommend face wipes, but for festivals they are acceptable.

A quick hair recommendation would of course be dry shampoo. Its very likely your hair won't be washed for at about 3-4 days so triple check that the dry shampoo is packed. My favourite at the moment are the Colab dry Shampoos which come in loads of lovely scents and you can also get these in a travel size which is perfect. You can also use these on first and second day hair to add a bit of volume.

Face mists are another thing I would carry around. These can freshen up the face and give your skin a bit of a boost when you've been raving all day and all night. Loads of brands make these but I love the Caudalie Beauty Elixir for it's fresh and almost minty scent, and the way it leaves my face feeling.

A bit of makeup now and for a base I would recommend going light and preferably something with SPF. The one I'm sharing today unfortunately doesn't have SPF so make sure you apply one before hand if you bring this along. The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue is a lovely tinted moisturiser type product. I find it more moisturising than some of my other lighter bases which is why I love it as it can double up as both. Of course you can use foundation if you'd prefer, but in the summer you'll be sweating it off anyways so this way you don't have to worry about it fading awkwardly or having foundation streaks down your face... not a very classy look people. To add a bit of colour, go for coloured eyeliners. These are a huge hit a festivals and is your chance to try something a bit new and wild. The Kiko Glamorous Eye Pencil in 409 is a lovely petrol blue shade. It's got some green in there and some grey and I think would compliment any eye colour. These are very inexpensive so you can pick up a few shades and create some really cool looks. Lips, again, I say go bright, but make sure it stays as you probably won't be touching it up throughout the day. If you know it'll fade then opt for a nude or a sheer shade so it's not as noticeable and you don't get those awkward lines of colour around your lips. I love the Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balms as they contain SPF 15 (crucial in the summer) and they have some lovely shades. I have the shade Cherry which is a beautiful sheer and moisturising red.