Health and fitness is always something I'm trying to improve, whether that be exercising more or eating more nutritious food and not so much chocolate - not quite at that point just yet however - but there is always something that can be worked on I find.

Food wise, I'm not into crazy diets, I love food way to much for any of those, and would rather make healthier choices overall - she said eating a cadburys chocolate bar - than stop eating most of the foods known to man. Things like, eating more fruit, white meat over dark, cooking from scratch and using vegetable substitutes where I can, is kind of how I like to go about things. Of course I have the odd dominoes here and there, and when I eat out I don't really think too much about what I'm ordering, but having a little naughty meal once in a while isn't going to show if the rest of time you remain healthy. Fresh smoothies and juices are also great, especially if you're short on time as you can throw a few things into a blender and be out the door. And make sure you keep hydrated with water, something I'm definitely trying to improve and something you all know anyway.

A few of my favourite healthy recipes: 

1. Deliciously Ella - The Healthiest Chocolate Mousse
2. Deliciously Ella - Green Coconut Smoothie 
3. A Couple Cooks - Roasted Nourish Bowl 
4. Sprouted Kitchen - Peanut Butter Granola Bars 
5. Hemsley + Hemsley - Courgetti with Red Pesto

Some good cookbooks to try out: 

1. Deliciously Ella
2. The Art of Eating Well
3. The Natural Food Kitchen
4. Eat. Nourish. Glow.
5. Honestly Healthy

A bit of fitness for you now. A simple breakdown of what I do to keep fit and get toned; swimming 3-4 times a week, yoga most days, walking, and simple work outs at home.
Swimming is great exercise and I love to do it. It helps to build stamina, it's a great form of cardio and helps to get a flat belly..bonus after a indulgent weekend.
Yoga is really great to improve flexibility and strengthen your body through balancing practices and strong poses. I've done a whole post dedicated to my love for yoga so I'll link that here.
Walking, again, just good cardio really, and something everyone can do!
Other work outs I do at home include a variation of squats, lunges, planks, tricep dips, push ups, crunches, to help tone my muscles. I tend to do these every other day (if I feel up to it..). I don't always feel motivated enough to do everything all the time but I try my best to stick this kind of routine weekly. I feel better, healthier and more confident when I work out and I do it to feel good in myself, not because I feel pressured into doing so. I've also just started going to the gym more frequently and hoping to widen my gym horizons and try out some weights ect, so let me know if you have any gym workouts you love to do as I will be reading up on those.

Health and fitness Youtube channels you should be subscribed to: 

1. Yoga With Adrienne 
2. The Lean Machines
3. Carly Rowena
4. Blogilates
5. Tone It Up

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