This winter my skin has been the worst it ever been. My chin/nose area has been so dry and red and irritated, I’m finding it impossible to keep on top of a decent routine.  With that being said, I’ve completely stripped my skincare back to basics and am trying not to overwhelm it. 

When I received the new Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance* it sounded exactly what my skin needed! I was hesitant to try it as I didn’t want to introduce anything new into my routine which may have a negative effect. I did however give it a go, and it’s really wowed me! 

I been using this as my PM moisturiser - don’t worry, it’s not as thick as it may sound, it’s actually just like my other creamy products I like to use, so I’m more than happy to use it everyday despite its intense name! If you have dry skin like me, I don’t think you’ll find this to be too heavy to use everyday, especially in the winter months. Before I apply this, I go in with a cleanser, toner, facial essence, and then a tiny bit of oil. This locks everything in place and seals that moisture deal! 
Now, the price is fairly up there for a moisturiser. At £68 it’s not affordable, however if you’ve been struggling with dry skin over the cold months I think you’ll be really impressed with this. 

A few more things to has Vitamin C which is amazing for brightening the skin and improving your skins texture and tone. I love Vitamin C, it’s such a hero ingredient in my opinion. It’s also in a handy squeezy tube which is completely opaque to protect the product from being effected by sunlight (yes, that is a thing!). 

Overall, I’m so happy this landed in my life. It’s the perfect product to save dry, irritated skin, and the balancing properties are what my skin craves this time of year. 

Let me know if you’ve tried this, or what other products you can’t live without in the winter months.