Welcome to my Eras tour, next stop: haircare. 

It's no secret the world seems to be going haircare crazy, I blame Gisou and their beautifully aesthetic honey infused hair oil, and I too seem to be jumping on the bandwagon. My hair is very straight, limp and lifeless, so I look for products to add body and volume, and strengthen bonds. Living Proof has a great article on what hair bonds are and how to treat them - I definitely recommend giving it a read if you are on a bit of a haircare journey yourself. 

My haircare routine used to consist of shampoo and conditioner, and occasionally some heat protectant and hairspray if I was ever styling it. Now there seems to a grocery list of products that I want to add into my pre and post wash routines...so let's break it down. 


There are only a couple of things I will do before shampooing my hair, and I tend to do these about once a week. The first is a bonding treatment of some kind, Olapex No.3 is the one I'm currently using. My hairline seems to be disappearing at the blink of an eye so I'm desperately trying to add as much nourishment to my hair cuticles to give them a bit of a boost. Olaplex is a great product to apply before shampooing (I typically leave it for 10-20 minutes and apply to slightly damp hair) and I will use this from root to tip, mainly focussing around my hairline where I seem to have the most amount of breakage. This is one of those products that needs consistent use before seeing any groundbreaking results, so I will keep you posted. 

The second product I will use before I go and rinse all my worries away would be a scalp treatment of some kind. Scalp exfoliating products are very popular, as well as a handy dandy scalp brush which I am desperate to pick up - they look amazing! The Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal Exfoliating Scalp Shampoo is one I frequently use and is great to incorporate into your routine once a week. This can double up as a shampoo as well, so you can go straight to conditioner after rinsing it away. A great two in one!


My shower routine is very simple and I do often just stick to a simple shampoo and conditioner combo, with the occasional mask if I'm feeling fancy. Some of my top brands for shampoo and conditioner include L'Oreal Elvive, Briogeo and Living Proof - they just seem to work really well for my hair. I'm using the L'Oreal Elvive Dream Lengths range at the moment which is good for long and damaged hair, and it's one I find myself repurchasing quite a lot (especially as it's mostly on offer!).


This is where things can get a bit chaotic and all the products and haircare tools come out to play. I must say I'm a fan of just leaving my hair to air-dry if I can and I love to use the JVN Air Dry Cream to tame any frizz and add some extra hydration. When I'm blow drying I'll make sure to use a leave-in product that has some heat protecting benefits to keep my hair from completely frying off. I really like the Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair as it is very lightweight so doesn't weigh the hair down, but does a great job at detangling.

My Philip Kingsley Root Boost spray is a product I apply without fail if I'm air drying or blow drying my hair - any type of volume product is a must for me to add some body and life back to my roots. 

Im terms of a hair-dryer recommendation I use my Shark IQ Hair Dryer which I've had a few months now and really enjoy. I also have my DryBar Blow Dryer Brush if I want a sleek blow out. I'm still perfecting my blow out technique, but I'll get there one day, maybe...


I don't have too many styling products up my sleeve, I like a good texture spray and hairspray if I'm curling my hair and that is about it. I'm a big fan of the Living Proof Texture Spray to give my hair some grit and texture after I've curled it. I find it gives you more piecey, lived in curls. I would love to pick up a good hair oil as well to help add some extra shine and tame any frizz, but I'm still mulling that purchase over.