Rose Inc have recently entered the foundation chat. I am a fan of their tinted serum which I have reviewed previously, so I was excited to receive their newest launch. Thank you to the brand for sending these my way. Before we hop into the full review, I will say now is a great time to shop with all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals we are being bombarded with! Sorry if you are reading this after the fact....

So, the Softlight Skin-smoothing Liquid Foundation: what are its main claims? 
  • Plumps the skin 
  • Buildable formula 
  • Hydrating, suitable for all skin types
Like all foundations on the market currently, this one has its fair share of skincare ingredients to help keep the skin hydrated throughout the day - containing fermented reishi mushroom which is said to keep the skin smooth and shine-free...and don't worry, the fermented mushroom doesn't leave a funky smell. I never like to rely on my foundation to do the job of my skincare, especially with more of a medium-full coverage formula as I'm often not applying that much, but its nice to know its a little more beneficial to the skin. 

I am not a full coverage girly, I much prefer a lighter formula or just sticking to concealer, so I have been applying it with my Real Techniques Sponge to create a more natural sheer finish. I love a sponge to soak up any excess product, and how it makes foundations look a little more plump and juicy on the skin. A brush will give you more coverage if that is what you're after. 

It definitely leans more on the natural/satin side of things in terms of finish, but it did last well throughout the day and didn't break apart or get too oily. Great in the summer, but in the winter months I will be opting for something a tad more hydrating and forgiving on the skin. 

Retails for £42, pretty comparable to other high end foundations out there (again you could get a little discount if you shop during sale season!) and it comes in 31 shades. Something I've noticed about Rose Inc and their shades is that they run quite light. I had the same issue with the skin tint, so I would try to shade match in store if possible, as I've often ended up with matches I would have thought would have been too dark. The shade 4W works best for me, I also have 3N (a little too light for me and therefore leans a bit grey) and 6W (too dark, but may work in the summer).