I'm always wanting to achieve that natural perfected look with minimal products, and in a minimal timeframe. The most important thing is to remember less is more. I have a little collection of products I go to whenever I'm short on time, but still want a little bit of makeup to make me feel more me! 

A minimal makeup look can consist of as little as some concealer and mascara, that doesn't quite cut the mustard for me, so here's my take on the minimal, fuss free, makeup look. 

As long as my skincare does it's job in the morning, I skip primer and head straight to the good stuff. 

I opt for the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water for it's effortless application, and natural finish on the skin. I can apply this with my fingers, it doesn't cake up, and blends seamlessly. The key is to find a tinted base which is as close to your skin tone as possible, to ensure you get a smooth blend every time. 

I'm a big fan of this stuff for everyday wear. It tends to stay on my skin longer than other tinted, or BB, products I've used in the past, and it let's my natural skin shine through. It's light coverage for sure, but does do a nice job at evening out the skin tone. 

I can't go without concealer, that's a given, so again I opt for something lightweight which will blend effortlessly. For me, that's the Bobbi Brown Intensive  Skin Serum Concealer. I love this as it has the perfect amount of coverage wrapped up in a lovely hydrating formula. With under-eye concealers I tend to grab something which is a shade or two lighter than my natural skin tone, this will brighten up the area and make you look more awake. 

If you know me by now, you know I love cream products. I know that some people just can't get on with them, but I am the total opposite, they are my vice! 

As a bronzer, I take the Benefit Hoola Quickie Contour onto my Beauty Blender and apply that to the usual places - the cheekbones, temples and jaw line. I take this a bit higher on the cheekbones than usual, to give me a sun kissed look. I think this looks really beautiful and healthy on the skin. 

I've reverted back to an old favourite for my blush. The Stila Convertible Colour in Gerbera is a lovely coral-pink shade which looks gorgeous on the skin. It's quite a tacky formula, but I find it stays on the skin a long time and creates a nice glow. I definitely want to pick up a few more of these as I'm obsessed with the formula. I use this with my Beauty Blender also - it's quite the multi-use tool!! 

I do apply a touch of highlighter, nothing too crazy as the rest of my base if fairly light. For this I grab my Glossier Haloscope in Quartz. This is a lovely, sheer, champagne shade which leaves a natural glow. I warm this up with my fingers and apply from there. If you go straight from the tube and stripe this on your skin, you may find it will lift any product underneath, so fingers are best with this one.

I think the eyes is where you can save the most time. A coat of mascara will do the trick - but there are a couple more steps I like to do to really define the eye area.

The first is to give your brows a bit of attention. I don't faff with a pencil or anything when I'm trying to keep things minimal. Instead I'll simply apply a few strokes of a brow gel and call it a day. Any tinted gel will work great at adding a little volume and depth to the brows, as well as setting them in place. Glossier Boy Brow is my personal favourite for this!

Onto another cream product...this time I'm recommending the Chanel Ombre Premier Shadow in Undertone. A more pricey option, but this shade is the perfect everyday colour to add a slight sheen to the eyes. The taupe shade gives a lovely amount of pigment, and as it's a cream it's really easy to apply and blend.

Next, curl those lashes!!

Mascara is quite an important step. It can really make the difference, especially when it comes to looking more awake. I've been loving the L'Oreal Lash Paradise to give me a nice amount of volume, as well as separating and lasting all day!

Final touch is of course lips. I've been loving Glossier's Cake which is a natural nude shade, but you could really use any colour you like! The beauty of keeping things nice a natural everywhere else, is that it will compliment any lip shade you may be feeling that day!