I am a huge cream blush advocate. You will always find them floating around my makeup bags when Spring and Summer hit. There's just something so flawless about the dewiness of cream products that make your skin look healthy and radiant.

I've had the Glossier Cloud Paints in my arsenal for a while now, and since Spring has sprung, I'm really getting my usage out of these.

First off, the packaging is super cute. I love how they didn't go with a classic pan, instead they went with a design fairly unique to the industry. 

The word on the street is these were based off little tubs of paint (hence the name) as the found of Glossier, Emily Weiss, loves to mix them together to create custom shades. 

I think that's a great idea and they are really easy to use in that way. I would say to buy a little glass palette though as you will want something to mix the colours on which isn't your hand - they can get a bit messy that's all.

If you do end up purchasing these and only take one thing away from this post, let it be this; a little goes a long way!! You will waste so much product if you squeeze more than a pin prick sized amount of these. They're really lovely to build, so don't go ham on your first use. 

With that aside, that formula is gorgeous and I adore them for that effortless flush of colour. 

Just for reference, the product I've squeezed out on the right is waaayyy to much. I just did it for the photo, you literally need a quarter of that. 

Anywho, back to the review. 

They have four shades in total, Beam, Dusk, Puff and Haze. I have three, Haze is the only one I'm missing, but I have a feeling I may pick that up when Autumn rolls around as it's a gorgeous berry/purple shade. 

Beam is one I've been using the most lately. It's a gorgeous coral shade which pairs beautifully with a warm bronzy eye and nude lip. This is a lovely one to wear in the Summer months and I know it's going to be coming with me on my summer holidays. 

Dusk is more of a neutral shade, it works beautifully as a bronzer/blush hybrid as the undertone is very neutral and leans more on the tan side. If you are a fan of minimal makeup, and maybe don't wear loads of cheek products, this would be a great one to pick up. I love to mix this with the other two as well to deepen up the colours. 

The final one in my collation is Puff - a baby pink shade. I struggle with this one on it's own. I'm not a massive girly pink blush wearer, but this mixed in with Dusk gives a lovely rosy tone to the cheeks. If you're a fan of pink cheeks, I think you'll like this, but it's not quite my cup of tea. If you sit in a similar camp to me and own Dusk as well, try combining the two, I think you'll be impressed! 

Let me know if you've tried these yourself, and what your favourite shade is!