As far as skincare goes, cleanser is the one product I will buy multiple of all the time. I have so so many (and only reach for one or two of course... ) but I still get really excited when it comes to trying out something new. A little background on my skin - it's fairly dry/combo. Some days I have more dry patches than others, and I do get an oily t-zone from time to time too. I don't have super problematic skin, so no acne or major sensitivities. I feel very lucky for that, but my skin is still nowhere near perfect. 

So I first tried the Fresh Soy Cleanser a year or so ago. I was given a mini at Sephora and I fell in love with it instantly. Before I was using the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, which I do still adore, but this is the first cleanser which has rivalled that. Big claims, big claims. 

Consistency wise, I haven't used a cleanser like it. It's nothing groundbreaking, a simple gel formula, but I would have normally always reached for something creamier, hence why it's a one of kind in my collection. As it is more gel-like, I thought it would dry my skin out, but it's quite the opposite. It's such a nourishing product which leaves my skin glowing every time. I reach for this mainly in the mornings as it is amazing at setting my skin up for the day. My skin feels so supple, soothed and balanced afterwards.

So let's run through a few of the key ingredients so you can get more of an idea as to what this gem does for the skin...
One of the most prominent ingredients is amino acid-rich soy - this helps to maintain the skins elasticity, so a great one for keeping your skin super youthful and plump! It also contains Rosewater and Cucumber which are really soothing and offer lots of hydration, as well as Borage seed which nourishes. All in all, some fab ingredients there, and ones you don't see all the time in every other cleanser.

I of course use this alongside my Foreo Luna Play. Literally the best product I've ever purchased for my skin. I really need to pick up the bigger, rechargeable one, but I haven't got round to that yet. This really has changed my skin for the better. If you suffer with any form of texture, blackheads, dry skin, this will sort you out. It is exfoliating, but not in a harsh way. The silicone bristles gently buff the skin, resulting in a deeper cleanse and an even more glowy complexion.