I don't have a very fussy beauty routine as of late. Since switching from student mode, to full-time work mode, my mornings are super short, and my evenings are spent being in a constant state of tiredness. This means I don't really have the energy or time to be playing around with loads of different products. There are a few, however, which I'll add in here and there just to keep things interesting. 

These aren't necessarily products which I'd say you definitely, 100% need to buy asap, but I love having them in my stash just incase. 

The first is definitely a bit of a luxurious extra. Teeth whitening isn't something I've ventured into before, but I've always wanted to give an at-home kit a try. I was lucky enough to be sent over a little set from Nano which included some of their intensive whitening strips.

I was a bit nervous at first, and the 'intensive' part definitely had me hesitant, as I was unsure as to how my teeth would react. They were fine though, no signs of sensitivity which is great!

I love how easy these are to use, and have most certainly made a difference. I've been using them every 4/5 days, which I feel is a good amount to start with.

If you ever wanted to delve into the world of teeth whitening I would say this is a good place to start.

They also have a good toothpaste and mouthwash selection to help your teeth stay pearly white in-between uses!

I only have one makeup product in here, and I've only really included it because of the way I personally like to use it. Contour sticks are great over the top of makeup, but even better underneath in my opinion. This Chubby Contour Stick from Clinique is a gorgeous mid-toned brown shade which adds beautiful definition to the cheeks. 

It looks seamless under foundation which is why I love to use it that way. It's not something I do often, as it is a bit of an unnecessary step in the mornings, but I love how it looks. I will normally go in with a powder bronzer also, but this sets off the contour/bronzing steps beautifully. 

Next up is a haircare item, which for some may be a daily essential, but I use it when I can be bothered to...Ouai is a great brand for haircare, and their wave spray is fabulous to use after I've ran a quick curl through my hair. I never like my hair to look too perfect, so products like this are great if you need a little texture! 

You don't want to go too overboard, as it can get a bit sticky, but used lightly creates lovely beachy waves. I know in the summer I'll be using the hell out of this, but for now it's nice to have for those odd occasions I actually want to do something to my hair! 

I never find one can have too much skincare, but I personally have too many of those "use once in a while" products...again, not a bad thing...right? Toning is a step I try to do everyday, but it can be too much for the skin and start to dry it out. If you find your skin leans slightly on the dryer side, then why not try a hydrating toner? It will give you all the same benefits of your standard product, the tightening, the clarifying etc etc, but whilst adding a dose of hydration.

I've been using the By Terry Hydra Toner which was a pricey item, but it's lasted very well and I know is doing wonders for my skin. This is enriched with rose, which has so many great nourishing properties. In the winter, this has been great in include in my routine.

The other product I love is a multi-purpose balm. Again, some may class this as an everyday essential, but I just like to use them when I need to. I've been loving the Dr Lipp nipple balm, don't let the name foul you! You can apply this on your lips, cuticles, elbows, and any dry patches you may have.

I had some really bad dry patches on my chin...like, really bad...and nothing would clear them. One night I piled some of this on, and I'm not kidding, by the morning they were about 80% less dry!! I was amazed.

If you suffer with dry patches, try this out!