It has been cold over in the UK. The Beast from the East, or whatever it was called...really took a toll on my skin, and made it hella dry. My skin does lean more on the dry side anyway, so with the teeth chattering, minus temperatures we had over the past couple weeks, it was not in a good way. I really feel for those who live in even more winterly climates. Not suer how y'all do it. 

Of course using good skincare products makes a huge difference, but your makeup choices can also determine how flakey your skin may be looking that day. I love a dewy finish at the best of times, so finding ways to make my skin even dewier was a challenge I was willing to accept.  

Let's start with the base. Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation is a good all-rounder, and suits most skin-types. It falls slap bang in the middle of dewy and matte. And I know what you're thinking - 'hang on, didn't you just say you like a dewy finish?' 100% yes, but I'll get onto that in a sec.

This sits beautifully on the skin, which is why I've been reaching for it everyday. It doesn't settle into any dry patches, or accentuate the texture of my skin. That is why I'm including this baby. You're also guaranteed to find a shade that suits you, as it's Bobbi Brown, they have a wide shade range to chose from.

To kick this up a notch hydration wise, I've been adding a drop of oil. This juts makes everything that little bit more hydrating, that little bit more dewy, and all in all, a lot better for those colder climates.

The Kiehls Daily Reviving Concentrate has been my weapon of choice, and I bloody love it. Kiehl's oils in general are pretty special, so pick this one up if you get the chance. I find this mixes really well with my foundation. The texture is runny, it is an oil after all, but it doesn't make the foundation go slipping and sliding throughout the day. 

If, like me, you're foundation gets eaten away because of how dry/dehydrated your skin can get, this is a trick I would highly recommend trying. One to two drops will do nicely, you don't want to go too overboard. You can also try moisturiser if you prefer a thicker texture.