Over the past year or so I've seen loads of people feature Lanolips on their blogs. I was never too fussed about what they had to offer, but when I saw them on sale in Waitress I figured I'd snap a few bits up. First off, I really love the packaging. It's very retro feeling, the pink is really girly and photographs beautifully. I picked up the hand cream and 101 ointment, and here are my thoughts...

101 Ointment: This really reminds me of the Glossier Balm Dot Com, a multipurpose balm which you can pretty much use anywhere. I've been using it as a lip balm and have been loving it. It comes out very thick, then once applied on the lips it melts down to a lovely oil formula. I tend to use this at night, as it takes that little bit longer to sink in, and by the time I wake up my lips feel so nourished. The reason I prefer this over the Glossier (in case you wanted to try that) is because it has 0 smell. The Glossier balm has a very odd smell which I can't quite get on board with, this however is completely scentless so it's a winner.

Rose Hand Cream: Over the past year, I've purchased many hand creams in an attempt to use them more. It's the one beauty product which is always collecting dust. I do really love this one though, even know I don't use it as much as I should. The scent is very subtle, not an overpowering floral rose scent, it's fresh. The formula is great and sinks in quicker than any hand cream I have ever used!!! It's magic! If you want a hand cream to use on-the-go I would recommend this one as it doesn't leave my hands greasy.

The tubes make it really easy to get out the perfect amount of product, and you can also make sure you're getting every last drop. If you have ever tried any Lanolips products I'd love to know your thoughts, as the brand is fairly new to me.