I’ve tried my fair share of glowy, dewy primers, it’s the one base product I seem to repurchase time and time again. Lately there have been three which have really stood out to me. They all offer something slightly different, with varying shades and finishes on the skin, so hopefully there will be one which you love the sound of.

NourishFacial Illuminating Shimmer: This is a really lovely one for no makeup days. It gives my skin the best glow out of the three. The colour is very golden, and it’s also packed with nourishing skincare properties to maintain moisture and hydration. I use 1 pump of this all over the skin before foundation. I sometimes mix it in with my foundation too, half a pump will do for this, and I love how luminous it leaves my skin. If you like the Becca Backlight Priming Filter, this is very comparable but a fraction of the price.

NARSRadiance Primer: I reach for this one if I need a bit more life to the skin. It doesn’t have any shimmer particles suspended inside, but it still manages to totally revive dull skin. It’s a pinky/peach shade, so it’s very brightening and lifts the complexion. On days where I get up super early for work, this is always what I reach for as I love the look and feel it leaves my skin. They have released a couple of different primers over the past few months so I’m definitely going to check out another.

L’OrealLumi Magique Base: This is the cheapest primer out of the bunch, but it certainly doesn’t lack in quality. After running out of my much loved Dior Glow Maximising Primer, I wanted to try something a bit cheaper, so I opted for this. The colour is a lovely pearlescent shade which adds a wonderful glow to the skin. Like the Nourish Illuminator, this one is lovely worn under foundation, or mixed in, to create a lit-from-within glow. As this one isn’t as golden in tone, I find I reach for it more in the winter when I’m not as tanned, but it’s a great drugstore product if you don’t want fork out loads of money.

I really want to do an entire primer collection post, as I have so many I love and want to share with you all. Please let me know your favourite glow educing primer, I’m always on the hunt for sometime new and amazing to try.