Double Cleansing Routine.

I am an avid cleanser user, I adore them, and if I could own all the cleansers on the market I would, but thats just not feasible...My love for cleansers and the need to take my makeup off every night  - something everyone should do - got me thinking I need to put the two together and show you my cleansing routine, and in the evenings it's all about the double cleanse...

As far as removing my makeup goes, I'm all for the oils and balms. I find micellar waters make my skin feel far too dry, and to be honest I'd much rather cut out the faff of using a cotton pad, so it's oils and balms all the way! I'm a huge fan of The Body Shop Cleansing Oil and Balm, they're cheap and cheerful and get the job done, lately though I've been using something else! The Boscia Cleansing Oil is basically a gel/oil formula which breaks down makeup easily! I haven't been wearing a tonne of makeup lately which is why I've been reaching for this one so much, it's perfect for removing smaller amounts of makeup, not so good for waterproof mascara, but I don't tend to wear much of that in the colder months anyhow. I know this is a US based product, but if you're in the UK and want something just as good check out the one from The Body Shop I mentioned previously.

Now that my makeup is removed, I go in with a second cleanse to make sure my face is completely dirt free! The Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel is something I use morning and evening, it's the best cleanser I've ever used and I believe this is my fourth bottle of the stuff! The formula is lovely and milky, it initially comes out as a gel, then turns into a cream once you add water. I've introduced a new little gadget into my routine too, the Foreo Luna Play. This is so cute and small and it's perfect for getting super soft, clear skin. I used the Clarisonic in the past and have recently made the switch to this and I prefer it so so much more. It's a silicone device, so it's easier to keep clean, and the vibrating bristles feel lovely and soft on the skin, you hardly feel them at all they're so sensitive! Even after using this for the first time my skin felt the best it's been in a long time. This, along with the Oskia Cleanser, are a perfect match for radiant looking skin! I simply run it under some warm water, turn it on and message it around my skin for around 60 seconds or so. 


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