Before I started blogging I was obsessed with reading other peoples blogs, whether that be about beauty, food or travel, count me in! They very much replaced the traditional magazine for me. I love good ramble about my current favourite beauty products for this and that, but behind the scenes I follow a tonne of bloggers who write about all different kinds of things, and I thought I'd share my favourites with you all today...

I'll get my favourite category out the way first, and give you a brief run down of my favourite beauty bloggers! The first is From Roses which is blog written by a fellow Brit, Rebecca. Her photography is gorgeous and she has the best recommendations, I tend to agree with most of her opinions! She has a lovely range of posts which are so creative and there's something for everyone out there. Another blog I can't get enough of lately is Beauty By Kelsey who is a US based blogger. She does some really lovely reviews and makes me want everything she writes about...She features some really beautiful and unique products and brands, and I'm constantly adding to my wish list after reading one of her posts. Her pictures are always very nice and well laid out too.

I think fashion blogs are so inspiring and always get me lusting over the newest bag trend...My all time favourite fashion blogger is a lady called Alexandra who writes the blog Lovely Pepa, originally from Spain, but she's always travelling here there and everywhere. Her fashion is so wearable and simple, yet chic. I find some fashion bloggers feature outfits that on one would actually wear, but her style is so so nice and right up my street. I'm always so inspired after looking through her looks! Another girl I love is Victoria from In The Frow. Her style is so classy and there are loads of looks very suitable for the workplace if that's the kind of inspiration you're searching for. Her holiday looks are currently my favourites though, as they are filled with floaty dresses and jumpsuits and a beautiful selection of shoes!

Travel blogs are by far one of my favourites to read, they really put me in the holiday blues, but I can't stop looking at the sandy beaches, beautiful cities and blue skies! The Londener is my favourite blog for travel, Rosie's photos are always beautiful and you really get a good sense of a place after reading her posts. She covers food and style as well, which are great companions to her travel posts. There are a lot of places I want to go because of this lady! If you're looking for some more local breaks, maybe something in the UK, What Olivia Did does some lovely travel guides for cities right on our doorstep, well not quite, but a train journey away maybe? Olivia is a constant reminder to me that you don't always have to hop on a plane, and go somewhere tropical to experience good food and culture! Her recommendations for restaurants, cafes and places to stay are always on point.

Food is such a fun one to talk about, and although I don't really follow any bloggers who exclusively write about food, there are a few who's recipes I'm always dying to try out. The first are from a blog called A Beautiful Mess, and I'm sure you're already following them as they are the ultimate lifestyle blog, they cover everything from food to decor and everything in between! Their recipes always get my mouth watering and some of their savoury dishes are perfect for dinner parties, even though they don't require too much skill or expertise! Back in the summer they put up a recipe for pancake puffs, and boy do they look and taste delicious! If you're on a bit of health kick, Eat Yourself Skinny, is a lovely blog filled with nourishing and simple recipes to fuel your body. There are some lovely salad recipes on here and some good healthy alternatives to things like chocolate chip cookies, a personal favourite of mine. Even if you don't create any of her recipes word for word, they serve as lovely inspiration.

Apartment Number 4 is a blog I always go back to whenever I'm in need of some home wear inspiration. This blog is written by Victoria who is a journalist and interior styler, two perfect components for creating a successful blog! She's always putting together lovely edits and photo collections showcasing the latest trends, and her personal spaces always look so dreamy and perfectly put together. Another blogger I love for pretty much everything, but especially her interior decor, is Kate La Vie. She is a lover is West Elm and house plants and I swear to god her house is probably like walking into Pinterest, everything looks so photogenic and perfectly placed! She's done an apartment tour on her Youtube channel, and she's constantly writing posts on her home decor. If you're a lover of white floors and high ceilings - a bloggers dream right - you'll adore her!