Makeup is so personal and can mean many different things to many different people. Some use is as a way to be creative and others use it purely to make them feel 10 times more confident, either way, you're beautiful without it. In this post I really wanted to focus on features you may love about yourself and how to make them stand out without using loads of products. For me, my cheek bones are one of my favourite features, so I never skimp on bronzing and highlighting. If you love your eyes, or you lips, hopefully this post will help you to accentuate those... 

If you have naturally flawless skin and you very rarely reach for foundation, a dewy primer and colour corrector under the eyes is all you need. I find by adding a small amount of a primer such as the Dior Glow Maximiser, your skin looks so fresh and naturally radiant. To help cover up any darkness under the eyes and to finish off the base, just add some of your favourite concealer where needed! If you use your finger or sponge it will apply a lot more naturally. The Bobbi Brown Skin Serum Correctors are fab for this! 

If you're like me and favour your cheekbones, invest in a palette which has everything you need, as opposed to two or three separate products! Having everything I need in one palette really speeds up my makeup process and I'm not faffing around trying to find this or that. One I been obsessed with - and yes, I'm going to mention this in anyway I can - is the Hourglass Ambient Surreal Lighting Palette which is perfect for all your cheek needs. You have a nice medium toned bronzer, this isn't matte, so it's not great for contouring, but to add some colour and subtle definition is really good. You also get two blushes, one is more mauve toned, lovely for autumn, and the other is a pinky peach. I love to apply blush more towards my tamales then the apples, as it slims down the face. Hourglass blushes are so beautiful, they add a perfect amount of sheen to cheeks to make your skin appear healthier. You also have one of their Ambient Lighting Powders, which you can use a subtle highlight, or they have another highlight option which comes in the form of their Strobing Powders if you like something more intense. If you were looking for something more affordable, I really like the Rimmel Sculpting Palette as it contains a bronzer, blush and highlight. The formula isn't chalky and I love the peachy blush, its so pretty. 

There are so many things I could mention here in terms of eyes, but I'm just going to rattle off a few of my favourite tips and tricks! If you're a lover of eyeshadow here are a few colour ways I think look stunning on different eye colours;
Green - Purples and light shimmery browns really help to bring out green eyes, purples specially look gorgeous! Golden shades are also so lovely on green eyes. 
Blue I think light champagne shades look really nice on blue eyes, as well as rich copper or red shades. Any dark shadow will really help light blue eyes to stand out as it's such a contrast!  
Brown - I definitely think golden bronze shades look lovely on brown eyes as well as green/olive shades. I have hazel eyes and I love olive shadows on my eyes. 
In addition to eye shadow, eye liner can also play a huge part in your eye look! If you have almond shaped eyes, lining your waterline can look so sexy and really make them the focus of any look. Liquid liner can also look really nice, play around with different thickness to find a style your happy and comfortable with! Lastly for eyes, curling your lashes can add sooo much to your lash game. It makes you look more awake and it makes your lashes look longer and more noticeable even without mascara. 

For lips, I would say just to stick to a nude you love, or a sheer balm, and add some lip liner if you want to to help define the shape. My favourite lip option for when I want something simple, but also something to make my lips look a but fuller, is the Clarins Instant Lip Perfecter Balms. They're very sheer, but the gloss adds a nice shine to the lips and helps them appear more plump.