MAC Neutrals; My Three Favourites.

MAC create some fabulous lipsticks, and their nudes, among a few brights, seem to always creep into my everyday stash. My first ever MAC Lipstick was 'Plink!'...yikes...your classic frosty as f*** baby pink lipstick which really didn't suit me at all and I'm not even sure what possessed me to purchase that, looking at it in the bullet now however, I somehow got through a lot of the stuff. Never the less, now I've found a few nude-y pinks which I actually do love, and I love them so much I wanted to dedicate a whole post to them...

Velvet Teddy, matte - Deep toned beige: I didn't think I was a nude matte lip kinda girl, it's a trend I get and think looks nice, but for some reason I only ever saw it paired with incredibly on fleek brows and a gorgeous matte smokey eye I was far from being able to achieve...That being said, I love this shade, and it converted me! It's more on the pink side, which I appreciate, and its a very universally flattering shade and can be worn with a lot more looks than ya may think, it is a nude after all...

Patisserie, lustre - Sheer nude pink: I adore this shade soo much! It's the perfect your lips but better colour which you don't need a lot of skill, or concentration, to apply. Patisserie is a beautiful sheer, muted pink-y nude shade which is a handbag essential for anyone on the go. It is a lustre, which means it's going to add a nice sheen to the lips, which I think is why it's so nice and easy to wear. I can't rave about this one enough!

Twig, satin - Brown pink-y nude: This is the darkest of the three, and I know in the picture above, they all look the same. Well, if you look at the swatches below, they're very different...maybe not very different, but enough for me to justify owning all three! This is another one I didn't think I was going to like, but I love it. If you want a slightly bolder nude option for the Autumn and Winter this is it!

(Top to bottom; Velvet Teddy, Patisserie, Twig)


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