Autumn is here, so it's time to slather on your favourite burgundy eyeshadows and roll around in some leaves, just me? Ok...But seriously, Autumn is my favourite time for fashion and beauty, I love the deep tones, warm eyeshadows and of course a berry lip. Today I wanted to home in on my go-to eye look which really embraces those Autumnal colours we all know and love. Also, I think I have the perfect palette for all your eyeshadow needs this season...

I normally just go in with a flesh toned base to enhance any shadow I put on top, but this Charlotte Tilbury Cream Shadow in Jean is absolutely perfect for this look. It's a shimmery champagne shade which I apply all over the lid and into the inner corner to really brighten the area. The shades I put on top look 10 times better once this is all blended in and set. It's the easiest thing to apply to, a brush or your fingers will do the job nicely, and it stays put all day.

For my eyeshadow I had to mention the Charlotte Tilbury Dolce Vita Eyeshadow Quad, just look at those shades!! I could oo and aa at this all day long, but I'll make this as short and sweet as possible. In here you get four beautiful shades, a champagne base, a rusty burgundy, shimmery bronze-y gold and a smokey rich brown. Basically Autumn in a palette. I apply the lightest shade over the lid, and with that cream base underneath, this shade really pops and looks stunning. For me, this works perfectly with my complexion and it has the perfect amount of shine to work under the brow bone as well as in the inner corners.
Next I'll place the burgundy shade through the crease to warm things up and add some definition and shadow to my eyes. This is my favourite shade from the palette, and I did not think I would love this kind of colour but here we are...It's the perfect warm red shade for this time of year.
 I then go in with some of the super shimmery bronze, this is described as the 'pop' shade in the palette and it doesn't exactly that. I love this over the lid, it really completes the look and it catches the light beautifully. I did think this would be too much, but actually I don't find the shimmer too overwhelming and the shine compliments the bronze-y tones beautifully. I also bring this under the eye to further define.
If I'm feeling like I want a bit more, maybe for the evenings, I'll take the darkest brown and blend that into the outer corner. It's the perfect warm smokey shade and looks amazing blended in with the other colours.

I always find myself gravitating towards pencil liners when I'm working with darker colours, I love that smokey look they give once blended out. My favourite pencil liners at the moment are the Rodial Smokey Eye Pens, and I run the black shade through my upper lash liner. I then take a small pencil brush, or an angled brush, and smudge it out. I love this affect! These pencils are so creamy and blendable, they stay put and I think they are one of the best formulas out there.

Once you've finished with liner, I love to pile on the mascara to make my lashes stand out. One of my favourites is the Clinique High Lengths, it adds some crazy length and definition to the lashes, and I often get compliments on how good they look when I wear this! I don't always feel like you need to go out a buy an high-end mascara, but this one is worth every penny. The brush is very odd, the plastic bristles are almost undetectable, but it makes coating every individual lash super easy.

What's your go-to Autumn look?