When I'm in the shower I want to be in and out as quickly as I can, I want things to smell amazing and do a good job at rejuvenating my body. I tend to shower at night, sometimes in the morning, it depends what I'm doing, so I have a mixture of things I keep at arms reach. If I'm showering in the mooring, I'll use a scrub and shower oil, then in the evenings I love a creamy body wash which smells super comforting and sweet.

When it come to scrubbing my body I am all about the manual bead exfoliators, they really get in there to help remove dead skin and it's an important step if you fake tan too! The one I love in the morning due to the zingy scent is the Soap and Glory Orangeasm Body Polish. I like to apply this onto dry skin, give it a quick massage in, then hop in the shower and rinse. When you add water to this it becomes quite milky and doubles up as a shower gel. It smells like oranges, as the name would suggest, it's so uplifting in the morning and always leaves my skin super soft. Post scrub, I will go in with a shower oil to add all the moisture I can to my limbs as I do have very dry skin. The Nuxe Prestigious Scented Shower Oil is great for this, the gold flex throughout gives your body a lovely glow, whilst the almond oil helps to nourish and hydrate. The smell of this is also so lovely, it's similar to their body oil, with hints of magnolia and vanilla. This is a lovely one to use morning and night, apply it like you would a normal body wash, rinse it, and your skin is left with such a nice glow. This in conjunction with the scrub, is a soft leg match made in heaven!

In the evenings, I'm always switching up which body wash I use, I look for something very creamy and sweet scented. I'm back into using my LUSH It's Raining Men Shower Gel which is one of my favourites. Most of the body washes I buy are around the £1-£2 mark as I'm not too fussy, so this feels super luxe when I add it to my routine. It smells like honey and I could sniff it all day I swear, it's so so gorgeous! The formula is so hydrating and nourishing, it's a great on in the evening to leave your skin feeling moisturised before bed.

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