Yes I bought another eyeshadow palette, and no, I'm not sorry about it. It may seem excessive that us gals need a million and one eyeshadows to choose from every morning, but every palette is different and has something good to offer, right?! I've heard loads of good things about the Zoeva eyeshadows and after having a scan through their products, I settled on the Naturally Yours palette which has every shade of neutral you could ever want. These retail for £18, not too shabby for 10 good quality eyeshadows, yes the packaging is a bit cardboardy and not the most luxe feeling, but the shades themselves are great.

It contains 10 shades overall, five matte and five shimmer, the perfect mix, all ranging from light to dark. I'm going to dissect this palette from left to right, column by column, so we'll cover two at a time! The first two shades are 'Pure' and 'First Love', both are great base colours and highlight shades depending on your skin tone. 'Pure' is a matte beige shade which would work great for darker skin tones, either all over the lid or on the brow bone. If you wanted a really subtle crease shade, this would also work well for that. 'First Love' is definitely a highlight shade, it's matte again, and a really pretty off white. This would look lovely on the brow bone! I always find lighter shades not very exciting to talk about and they never wow me in the pan, but they're essential to have in a palette like this. The next shade is 'Soft and Sexy' which is a medium toned brown shade. This is a warm matte colour, perfect for the crease and under the eyes to blend shadows together. These matte shades aren't chalky and they blend really nicely together. Underneath that we have 'Casual Elegance' which is a gold shade, containing some subtle shimmer. I don't normally gravitate towards gold shades, but this one is a bit lighter and has a touch more cream running through it, making it very wearable and beautiful on the lid. This is also a super pretty shade to pat onto the inner corner of the eyes to make them appear more awake.

The second half of the palette is definitely more brown in tone and there are really stunning multi-use shades. 'Smooth Harmony' is the perfect lid shade for me, it's got some shimmer in there, and it's a gorgeous taupe, almost slightly bronze shade. This is so universally flattering and will definitely be a popular one. Next is 'Sweet Sound' which works great with 'Smooth Harmony' in the crease and outer corner, you can create some lovely definition with this shade. Again, it has some shimmer running through it, but it's not glittery by any means. It's a nice bronzy brown shade. The next two for me are slightly similar, and I would have liked something a bit more coppery as a replacement. 'Forever Yours' and 'Lovely Monday' - not sure where they got lovely monday from...- are both dark brown shades. They are more cool toned than the others in the palette, but are still easy to wear and very buttery. They really don't differ much at all, apart from one looks like it has a touch more shimmer than the other, but it's hardly noticeable. They are lovely shades, but I think one would have been enough! The last two are perfect for using instead of a liquid or pencil liner, and for the lower lash line. 'Slow Dance' is a matte dark brown, the darkest brown out of the palette, and 'Timeless Chic' is your classic matte black shade. I love palettes that have these kinds of shades in as I always find I use them as liners when I'm travelling, the brown is also great for brows if you have darker hair!

Overall, this palette is all you really need in terms of natural eyeshadows. You have some mattes, some shimmers, all varying in shades. If you're starting out in makeup, this is a great palette to pick up as the price tag isn't too hefty.