I picked up a Clarisonic a couple of years ago, and it's one of those things you use all the time when you first get it, then you become a bit lazy with it and forget it's there. Lately I said to myself that I had to use it more often as the benefits are great. My skin is definitely showing signs of stress as I've just finished my second year of university, so deadlines and exams took their toll.

I have the Clarisonic Mia which is a pricey skin gadget, but I really love how clarified it makes my skin feel. In the warmer months I feel like my skin can become a bit more clogged and this is amazing at getting all the makeup and grime out of the skin so you can move onto the rest of your skincare routine. I tend to use this at night, and I can see such a difference in the way my serums and moisturisers apply and how my skin looks the next day. This removes a lot more makeup than general manual cleansing as it really gets deep into the skin, so if you wear a heavy coverage foundation day-to-day this may work brilliantly for you.

As for what cleansers work best, I find cream or gel the best formulas to go for. I tend to take off my makeup with a cleansing oil, then go in with my Clarisonic plus a cleanser afterwards to double cleanse. The more I do this, the more my skin looks healthier, more plump and the texture is even and smooth. I've never suffered with acne, so I can't comment on how well it controls breakouts, but I'm sure if you can find out either in store, or online! The Mia only comes with one speed setting and it will vibrate for 60 seconds. I like to do 60 seconds for both my cheeks, then another 60 my forehead and t-zone to ensure a good cleanse, but you can just move it all around your face in circular motions for the full 60. The brush is very soft and you don't have to press too hard to get a good cleanse.

You can buy replacement brush heads for this, as it's recommended to replace them every few months, but I actually just run them under some warm water and use a cleansing oil to clean it and I find that works well at restoring the brush head! Probably not as hygienic as using a new one all together, but it's more cost effective and I'm happy with my little cleaning system.