I thought I would do a bit of a chatty post today and go through a few things I want to achieve/do this summer. I finished my second year of university last week and have a good few months to enjoy, so I decided to set myself some goals for the time ahead.

I only live about an hour train ride away from London and there are so many areas I have yet to explore, cafes to drink amazing coffee at, and cool restaurants to dig my teeth into. Notting Hill is somewhere I really want to visit. Despite it being super Instagram friendly, there are some really pretty spots I can't wait to see. The same goes for a few of the markets!

Being off for a few months now and only focusing on my part time jobs leaves loads of spare time to hopefully create some good content. I have a few trips lined up over the summer which I'm definitely going to blog and hopefully get a few more fashion/outfit posts up and switch my content up slightly. I'm happy with my layout etc, now just to churn out some wicked posts!

I don't know about you, but whenever it comes to deciding where to eat out, or what takeaway to get, it's always the same old same old food. I could eat Italian all day long don't get me wrong, but Thai food along with Japanese, Turkish and Moroccan really intrigue me and I know there are some really great restaurants out there to discover.

I really want to try and get my body back into shape, and that also includes a well needed hair cut and a waxing session, so I feel ready for summer. I never get round to getting beauty treatments done but I'm determined this time round!

Since getting a bit older I'm realising how many amazing designer bags and shoes I actually want (but definitely don't need) and I really need to get better at putting money aside each month so I can afford to treat myself every once in a while, and for life in general. At this rate, being a student, saving for a nice handbag could take years...but I'm prepared! I'm also heading to the states this September so a few extra dosh I've saved up here and there won't hurt!