Recently I've been having a bit of a love affair with Pinterest, and my boyfriend can confirm I'm on it a lot and may be a little obsessed, but there are worse things to be obsessed with right? I'm going to try and make this an every now and then thing where I share a few of my favourite pins of the moment and hopefully you'll all feel a bit inspired too!

1// Style: Source
If there's one thing I love searching through on Pinterest, it's the fashion section and I love how you can find basically every fashion blogger and their outfits on one page, it's fab. This outfit really got me excited to pick up some more seasonal appropriate clothing and I love all the Moroccan vibes, those tiles are just gorgeous, and I love the top. These button down skirts have been a huge hit this year and I'm keen to try one out, and this ones black, so bonus points all around.

2// Interiors: Source
Interiors is another dangerous section for me and I can find myself scrolling for hours looking at white walls and wood floor boards, a bloggers dream! I love the exposed brick in this dining room an the lights are so retro and in a nice pastel blue shade. The flowers are also lovely as tulips are my favourites and the wooden table finishes everything off nicely. I wish I could copy and paste this room into my house right now!

3// Beach: Source
Theres nothing more that gets me in the summer mood than looking at beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, it's heartbreaking being in the UK when there's so much more beauty to be explored, and you certainly don't get palm trees down in Brighton...

4//Fitness Inspiration: Source
Fitness inspiration, or "fitspo" as the cool kids are saying these days, is everywhere on Pinterest, which is good as it gets my butt moving and motivated. This Lulu Lemon get up looks so cool for summer and I'm in love the mint green sports bra, perfect for a spot of yoga.