So, earlier this summer I picked up a new's a beauty...and the first higher-end designer purchase I have ever made. I didn't just want to pick one up willy nilly; I had handed in my university dissertation, bagged myself a great internship over the summer, so I wanted something to celebrate feeling like I had my shit together. I wanted to give it a real good test before featuring it on my blog, to make sure I'm still obsessed with it, and if it's worth the money. I didn't want to just do a bag review either as that isn't really what my blog is about, so I thought I'd share what goodies I keep with me day-to-day. 

A little disclaimer before we start...I know that designer bags are not to everyones taste or budget, I'm not showing off, or saying you need to buy this, I just wanted to share my thoughts. 

The bag in question: I picked up the Chloe Marcie in the small size, tan leather. I had a major gap in my bag wardrobe, only having a small black bag and a bigger one which I use for travelling, I didn't have anything which complimented lighter shades for summer. I am not a big bag person, so this size is perfect for me to house all my daily essentials. It has two pockets inside to keep smaller items and one larger compartment. The closure is very secure and I love the design, it's the perfect little tan bag. I picked it up from Harrods in the UK, and the customer service wasn't amazing I must say, they were pretty blunt and hasty with me in all honesty. When I picked up my Balenciaga wallet form Harvey Nichols, the customer service was really really great, so that was a fairly disappointing buying experience. Any-who, onto what I keep inside..

A card wallet: I never have cash with me, and if I do it goes towards car parking, or a coffee, pretty imminently, so a card wallet is all I really need. If you're one to hoard loads of receipts and unnecessary loyalty cards to places you went to once 5 years ago, these are great to force you to downsize. I have this dark grey Balenciaga Card Holder which has a few single card slots and two bigger sections which I use for my ID, student cards and membership cards for various different things. I'm not 100% sure how easy this is get hold of now as I believe it was a limited edition design, but there should still be some knocking around online. 

Another card holder: I do also keep a separate card holder for all my travel bits, so, Oyster card, travel card, and about 50,000 train tickets. This just means that when I'm on the train I have everything I need in one place and I don't need to keep dipping in and out of my bag to find various tickets etc. I love this Whistles one, it's fairly inexpensive and I love the colour and croc texture.

My phone: I can't go anywhere without my phone, just like everybody else on this planet. I have this lovely case from The Rifle Paper Company which looks so pretty on the rose gold iPhone. They have the most gorgeous designs so make sure you check out their site if you're after a new phone case! 

Sunglasses: My eyes are very sensitive to light, especially when I'm driving, so sunglasses are a must for me. I have the classic Ray Ban Wayfarers in the tortoiseshell colour-way and I adore them. I've had them for years, they're so reliable and go with everything. In the autumn, these sunnies with a big scarf and leather jacket look super cool, just sayin'...

A lip balm: I alwayyysss keep lip balm with me, especially as the weather has really cooled down here in the UK and my lips are always dry when autumn rolls around. The one which is currently in my handbag is from Lanolips, and it's a very simple jelly-type balm. I love the cute packaging, and it's a great balm to have on hand.

A lipstick: I tend to have a couple of lip products floating around in the bottom of my bag, normally they're ones I've been looking for for weeks, does that happen to anyone else? At the moment I have one - round-of-applause please - which is the Nars Velvet Lip Glide in Playpen, a gorgeous pink everyday shade. It adds a nice colour to the lips without being too bold or high maintenance so I love throwing this in.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I keep in my bag. I definitely don't carry the kitchen sink with me, so a little bag like this is all I need. If you're on the hunt for a simple, everyday cross body which goes with everything this is a great one. The leather is super soft and the crossbody design means you have you're hands free at all time, bonus! I wear this with black as well, I find tan a really versatile shade, and the black dye doesn't rub off on the bag of the bag!! If you do have any further questions about it, please comment below!