Oliver Bonas is one of my favourite places to buy homewears. They seem to have the pretty Pinterest theme down, and I could easily spend a months wages in that shop. They have a sale on at the moment, so the perfect excuse to pick up some new bits, right? Since graduating university and moving back home I wanted to freshen up my room a bit and treat myself to some new goodies, and Oliver Bonas was my first stop. 

Glass and Gold Tray: Sadly I can't find this on the Oliver Bonas site anymore, but I did get it in-store only a couple of weeks ago so hopefully it's still available! I have linked a similar one for you incase you love the design. I picked this up to make my skincare look a bit more presentable. Organised chaos if you will. I always have moisturisers, lip balms, serums and other bits laying around on my vanity so I needed something that would look nice and keep them all in one place. 

L'art de la Simplicate by Dominique Loreau: I'm sucker for a pretty book cover, and the contents of this book really enticed me. It's all about how to create a very minimal, fuss free environment, and covers everything from your home, to your friends. I'm not planning on getting rid of 70% of the things in my life, but it is very inspiring and definitely encourages me to declutter! 

Embroidered Tassel Cushion: Another cushion...but this one was on sale so it's totally justified. I love the gold embroidery and the pink tassels, it fits the theme of my room perfectly. I feel like one can never have too many cushions, so I'm very happy to have this one, it was a great steal!

Palm Leaf Photo Holder: I have been lusting over the West Elm gold lettering for ages now, but I can't quite bring myself to splurge that much. Gold is another colour I'm trying to incorporate into my room so little decor pieces like this are great. It is a photo holder, though I have yet to put any photos into it, and looks perfect on my dresser.

Pink Sheepskin Round Cushion: When I saw this I fell in love. Can you get a more perfect pillow? I think not. This is pricey, and there are probably less expensive alternatives which will give the same effect, but the softness of this one sold me. It's a very soft baby pink shade and is probably the fluffiest thing I own. It looks great against my white bedding!

Estella Mini Bowl: I really wanted a cute, trinket bowl to house some of my everyday jewellery items. I love the size, and colour of this one and it has that handmade vibe due to watercolour- esque design in the middle. I wanted to have pink as an ascent colour in my room, so this fits in perfectly. 

I'm planning on showing you these bits styled in my bedroom, but it's not quite finished yet so keep your eyes peeled for that in the future. I wanted to show you everything beforehand so you can get hold of them and hopefully get some inspiration if you're after any new homewear items.