August is my birthday month, so naturally I want to chill out, have a little pamper session every now and then, and treat myself. Even if August is just another month to you, I urge you to do the same, as a little me-time is super important for everyone and can do so much good. Even taking 5 minutes out of your day can be all you need to recharge. I wanted to share 10 ways I love to treat myself when I'm in need of a little mental break, and some relaxation. 

1. Buy some flowers: Flowers instantly cheer me up and put me in a good mood. Every week I try to add some fresh flowers to my home, it's a lovely treat and a great way to end, or start the week. If you have a local flower market, or a favourite florist in your nearest town, make it a priority it visit a few times a month to pick up some fresh blooms. Even the trip itself is a nice way to spend a morning or afternoon. 

2. YouTube binge: I always love to catch up on some YouTube videos on a Sunday, or whenever I have a spare evening. It's so nice to zone out and just watch all fashion and beauty related content, it's such a great way to switch off from the outside world. 

3. Do a face mask: Face masks are my favourite way to pamper myself. They take 30 seconds to apply, and you can get on with other things whilst it's working its magic on your skin. I think face masks are something everyone should do once a week, you deserve it! 

4. Take a bath: Baths are the ultimate way to relax and unwind, and they basically force you to sit and chill for 30 minutes or so. Of course, you can indulge in loads of bubbles, or pop in your favourite bath soak for that added touch. 

5. Get 8 hours of shut eye: I know that we're all super busy, and to some 8 hours of sleep seems like a world away, but please try at least one day a week to get a full 8 hours in. If you struggle getting to sleep, try a pillow spray, or an eye mask to help you drift of quicker. You will feel 10times better I guarantee. 

6. Book a spa day: I love any excuse to sit around and basically do nothing...and a spa day is just that. Go with your mum, or a group of friends, and treat yourself to a massage or a nice manicure before Autumn hits. There are some great deals around these days for spa days, so you don't have a fork out a load of money.

7. Indulge in a luxury candle: Having one or two luxury candles dotted around your house is a great way to add a bit of indulgence to your evening. It feels like a treat when you burn them, as some of them are so bloody expensive, and they really create such a lovely atmosphere, especially if it's a scent that you adore.

8. Get stuck into a good book: I'm definitely a coffee table book gal. I like something I can flick in and out of, nothing too farfetched, and something I can take inspiration from. Urban Outfitters and Oliver Bonas have a great selection of easy-reads, and they make the perfect 10 minute break companion.

9. Buy some new pyjamas: Maybe some new PJ's will be the excuse you need to get to bed earlier, or have that well deserved Sunday lay-in. I don't tend to buy pyjamas, but when I do, it definitely feels like a bit of a treat as how many pairs of matching pyjama sets do we actually need? Never-the-less, they make for the perfect excuse to get cosy after work.

10. Make some baked goods: Baking is something we can all do, and no matter if you want something very healthy, or very indulgent, that can totally be achieved. It doesn't have to be a super complicated recipe, some simple brownies will do, but it's nice to have that treat in the cupboard. I'm a huge fan of cookies, so of course, one in the evenings with a hot chocolate sounds like the perfect treat, no?