I love travelling, and over the years I've compiled a mini mental checklist of the items I have to pack. As far as my carry on goes, I keep it fairly minimal, as, if I'm not doing long haul I tend not to carry many liquids with me. In my suitcase though, I find minis to be best!

A good carry on bag is key, and try to find one with a zip, 1. Safety and 2. Nothing will spill out. I always use my Longchamp Le Pilate large tote as it holds a lot and is secure enough to keep all ma bits and bobs in. I also use it as my beach bag as the martial is easy to clean and dry if you do get any spillages - it's happened. I freaked. But all was good. Inside I keep, passport - of course - and anything to keep me entertained and happy during the flight. Bose headphones are a must because I'm sure we've all been on a flight with a crying baby before, it's a nightmare, but noise cancelling headphones can be your saviour. They're pricey yes, but for headphones they are the best of the best in my opinion as the sound quality is amazing and the fact it cancels out any noise around you is groundbreaking. Second on the list for entertainment would be some sort of reading material, for me that's my Kindle where I can download as many books as I like to and have them ready when I'm on the plane or laying around the pool. I'm currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and am loving it so far. Kindles also have amazing battery life so you can charge them before you leave and they will last the whole holiday. I also love to keep fuzzy socks in my carry on as I find my feet are always freezing on flights. 

If you're going long haul/overnight it may be an idea to pack an eye mask and some earplugs as you  never know who may have their reading light on when you're trying to get some shut eye. A little beauty skincare routine is also advised, especially if you're boarding in a full face of makeup. A mini bottle of micellar water or some makeup wipes would be ideal, I know you can get Bioderma in a cute mini size! If you struggle to find minis - in the UK it can be more difficult - a lot of higher end brands come out with sets which contain a few minis and in the drugstore you can sets from Soap & Glory which are really great. For hair I tend to buy a couple of clear plastic bottles which you can pick up from pretty much anywhere and full them up with my favourite shampoo and conditioner of the moment. Clarins and Clinique do some nice minis and if you're subscribed to any beauty box of any kind you'll find that in a few months you'll accumulate some good travel sizes which are worth saving for a holiday. Clear masks like the Origins Drink Up Intense and the Elemis Enzyme Peel are great clear masks you can pop on and not worry about scaring anyone next to you. Intense lip balms are also great, I love ones from Nuxe and Elizabeth Arden as they are super moisturising and will keep your lips nourished throughout the flight. 

Suncream, sunglasses ect are obvious things that you should know to pack, but there are a few extra ideas that you can add in you're bag if you're unsure of the essentials you may need.