Being a beauty lover myself, I know theres nothing more exciting than getting some money off for those times you're feeling spendy - anything to keep the addiction alive. Companies tend to make these so we get money off, yes, but in tern we normally have to spend more, thumbs down to that. I do own a few and can see the benefits of owning such pieces of plastic, so here are few I think you should have too.

Boots Advantage Card...Aah, a classic. There is a Boots in every town - am I right - and whether you go there to haul the entire makeup section or just pick up the essential body wash and deodorant, everyone can benefit from this. The idea behind this is that points ultimately add up to money you can then use to pay for something you've either been saving for or think would be worth the wait. You also receive vouchers through the mail where you can get double points, and other vouchers which tend to sound a little something like '£5 off when you spend £30 or more', we know the ones. 

Space NK N.dulge... There's nothing more worrying than walking into Space NK knowing you have £5 sitting on your card - the damage that could be done people - but there's nothing more satisfying either. The only downside is you need to spend £100 before you get the £5 off, but if you are a frequent Space NK shopper then make sure you get your hands on this.

The Body Shop Love Your Body Card...If The Body Shop don't already have 1 million deals on, they have a card too, meaning you can get even more money off! This is basically a 10% voucher you can use whenever you like as well as a nice little gift on your birthday. In my opinion this is the best of the bunch.

Debenhams Beauty Club Reward Card...This is another, spend money, earn points, get money off type card. With this you also receive a free Benefit brow wax around your birthday as well as free samples of products and free makeovers. This is a great card if you love beauty and want to try out new launches without paying for a full size. I also love the fact you can get a free makeover from any makeup artist on any counter, perfect for a special occasion.