An Oil That Rivals My Favourite

I've been using the Keihls Midnight Recovery Oil for a few years now and safe to say it's probably my all time favourite. Recently though, I've found myself gravitating to the Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil instead, and hears why...

I can really see a different in the morning, even more so than when I use the Keihls concentrate. My skin looks radiant, plump and extra glowy which is what it promises and it feels soft. The formula is quite watery so you only need a pump or two to cover your face, and I feel like with some dryer oils you need loads to feel like it's going to coat your whole face. It contains vitamins A and C which all help to brighten the skin and helps boost healthy collagen production which in turn makes your skin firmer. Vitamin A is also great for anti-aging - not that I need that just yet but its all about prevention right? - so try this one out if you want your skin looking and feeling younger and fresher.

The smell is my only issue with this, its quite a strong lemony scent which smells like those boiled sweets you can buy...not a fan, but some may love it. I only have mini size that I was sent in a beauty box, but will I repurchase? Probably, even thought the price is nearing £50 for the full size, I know oils last a long ass time, so it's worth it right guys?..



  1. I've wanted to try some Ole Henriksen products for what feels like the longest time, I'm a big fan of dry oils and this one sounds lovely. I've heard that Vitamin C is really good for scarring as well which is something I struggle with…may have to give this a go! :)

  2. This looks lovely! I've never used an oil before but this sounds like something I seriously need to get my hands on, great post! x

    Olivia / Olivia Roses


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