This sunday I thought I would run through some of the lip products I've been reaching for a lot this spring. As you will be able to see, I love a good tinted lip balm. They're easy, subtle, moisturising and great to use everyday. So we'll start with those shall we?

Coral wise, I've been loving the Fresh Sugar Coral Tinted Lip Treatment which I have had and used for a couple of years now. These smell amazing and feel so soft and buttery on the lips. The shade I have is Coral, but I find it's more on the red side which I do like, and for a tinted balm these do pack a punch. Another one which is a similar shade is the Clarins Instant Lip Perfecter Balm in 05 Red. This is very similar to the Fresh one so if you can't get hold of Fresh products, try this. I can never get over the smell of these and I'm constantly shoving them in peoples faces shouting "smell this smell this", needless to say its dreamy. I also have this in 01 Rose which is basically a lip balm with a very slight pinky colour pay off. This one definitely isn't as pigmented but I love it over the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Cheat to give my lips glossy finish and add some extra moisture. I also picked up another one of the Kiko Ultra Glossy Lipsticks as I loved the coral one so much! The shade Pearly Watermelon caught my eye and I love that it's a great everyday pink shade. It's definitely more pigmented than the Clarins 01 Rose, and is more of a watermelon pink as the name would suggest. 

For lipsticks there has been a couple that have made it back into my everyday stash. The first being MAC's Vegas Volt which I fall in love with every summer. It's a gorgeous coral orange and the one that got me hooked on coral lipsticks. It is moisturising and also has good colour pay off, as all MAC lipsticks do. On the more matte side I've been into the Revlon Matte Balm in Unapologetic which was all the rage last summer. It's a bright matte raspberry, fuchsia pink which looks gorgeous with simple eyes and fresh, dewy skin. Even though these are matte, I don't find them too drying but I would go in with a balm beforehand and they have great lasting power. The only thing I'm not so keen on is the smell, it's a very artificial mint scent which some may like but I find it way too overpowering.