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I don't like to be too negative around these parts, however I feel it's appropriate every now and then to chat about the products that didn't really float my boat. This isn't to say I dislike the brand or that these won't work for you as every one is different, but here's my opinion on a few things I won't be repurchasing.

Lets get makeup out the way first and there are two lip products that I really wasn't a fan of. The first is from Bourjois which is a brand I love and this is one of there Velvet Rouge Edition Lipsticks which I also like, just not this particular one. I have the shade Grand Cru which I've heard isn't the best one anyway...the colour itself is actually really nice, a deep burgundy shade. Application wise, it sucks. Its really drying, goes very patchy and I find it hard to get a good even coat without loading a tonne of product on the lips, which then feels uncomfortable. Not a great one from Bourjois, but the other shades in the line are nice. Next is the Maybelline Super Stay14 Hour Lipstick in Stay With Me Coral which is another one that looks beautiful in the tube, but makes the lips so dry it's impossible to wear. It drags on the lips when trying to apply it, and although some may like that is means it will stay all day, there are other ones that last but feel more comfortable on the lips.

A mascara now, and I knew as soon as I opened this is wasn't going to be for me. I picked this up in a Soap & Glory set, otherwise I don't think I would have ever tried it. Their Thick and Fast Mascara has a fatter than fat wand which I find very hard to manoeuvre. I don't find it grips the lashes at all, making it hard to achieve fuller looking lashes and the formula is very wet which means it gets everywhere when you're trying to apply it. There are so many other great mascara formulas in the drugstore that I wouldn't recommend you trying this out.

The Colab Extra Volume Dry Shampoo was something I was surprised I didn't get on with as I love the original formula so much. The idea of this is that it's a dry shampoo but gives your hair a lot more volume. When I first used this it left my hair so chalky and my roots felt like they were all clumped together and had no movement at all. Second time around I thought maybe I didn't shake it well enough, so I shook the hell out of it, and the same thing happened. It felt horrible in the hair and after brushing it through, I still felt like I needed to wash my hair as it felt so gross. The original is great so I would recommend that, but this version I really wouldn't pick up again.

Another one where I loved the original but failed with bringing out a second version is the Original Source Blood Orange Daily Scrub. This wasn't expensive at all so I'm not too bothered this didn't work for me, but for the sake of the smell, I keep using it just so I don't have it laying around. It smells amazing and is perfect to rejuvenate your body in the morning, but the idea of it being a scrub went over my head completely. It has those scrubby bead things, but very little of them that they do nothing anyway. It doesn't lather well either and just kind of falls off your body after slapping it on, so I find half the product gathering at the bottom of my shower. I think the original shower gels are so much better as they lather up well and actually feel like they are cleaning the skin, so those I would try.



  1. I had to Maybelline lipstick and wasn't a fan of it either! I really like this post!
    xo, Lauren-lee
    Lauren-lee Grace Beauty & Fashion

  2. Sad about the Bourjois lippie because the shade is stunning!


  3. I am so surprised that you don't like the Maybelline lipstick, it's one of my most worn lip products :) I don't find it drying at all! But I will have to agree about the mascara, I was so disapponted x


  4. Oh no, I was planning to invest in some of the Bourjois liquid lipstick as the shades look very beautiful. Such a shame that it doesn't wear that well though. I am a big fan of the Revlon moisture stains so you could give that a try :)
    And with the shower gel, I totally get what you're saying...i hate the beads that might aswell be non-existent!

    Have a lovely day ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

  5. I've heard of a lot of people complaining about the terrible formula of Grand Cru, I had a swatch of it in superdrug and it was really patchy and at the time I thought it was only the tester, but I'm glad I went for hot pepper instead!

    Yet Another Makeup Blog.

  6. I’ve been very disappointed with a mascara from Soap and glory too! I will be reviewing it soon over on my blog.


  7. I do own this Bourjois lipstick too I do like it but I know what you mean as it can get patchy and not easy to apply but I do heart it, I think mostly because of the colour :)


  8. Completely agree with the S&G mascara, I didn't like it at all I found it clumpy and hard to apply without turning my eyelids black!!

    The Everyday Life of Rachel

  9. I am so sad about the Original Source scrub! I am obsessed with their body washes and hoped the rest of their products would be as great. x


  10. I swatched the Bourjois Lipstick in Boots because the colour was gorgeous but I totally agree about it being difficult to get an even coat.

    Rebecca | WALLFLOWER


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