As much as I love my high-end lipsticks, there's nothing more satisfying than finding a pretty exact dupe for half the price... am I right? After owning both these two lipsticks for a good amount of time, it's only just occurred to me that they are basically the same, so here's the lowdown.

MAC's Patisserie lipstick is my all time favourite nude and I wear it all the time, for me, it's the perfect my lips but better shade which can be paired with any look. It has a nice sheen to it, so doesn't look flat on the lips and the formula is very moisturising. Colour wise, it's a pinky beige which I think compliments many skin tones. If you go in with a pinky nude liner beforehand and add this to the centre of your lips, it looks stunning! MAC lipsticks seem to be going up in price every hour - £15.50 now to be exact - they are still worth it in my eyes and I will always be searching the counters for more.

To rival that, we have one of the Topshop Lip Bullets which also have great colour pay off and feel creamy on the lips. This one is called Tamed and is slightly more pink and opaque but as you can see from the two swatches, you can barely tell them apart (Tamed is bottom one...I think). If you've been hearing about Patisserie for a while and not sure if it will suit you, go for the Topshop one! Both of these I would highly recommend as great everyday shades and depending on your budget, definitely try one of these out.