Hi everyone! Hope you've had a glorious weekend - who else is loving this warmer weather? The final hoorah for summer! I wanted to roundup some of my top Dermalogica products today. I know Dermalogica isn't the most affordable brand, and since becoming one of their ambassadors I've been super lucky to have been sent a selection of their range over the last couple of years (yes this post will include some PR samples!).  As a brand they are very science led, which I think is why their products work so well and are so effective.  The brand started back in 1983, by skin therapist Jane Wurwand, so it's safe to say they've been in the game for years and certainly know a thing or two about formulations. History lesson over...let's hop into my faves shall we? 

Pre-Cleanse // I'll start from the beginning of my routine and touch a little on makeup removal. Pre-Cleanse is a gorgeous oil cleanser which removes makeup effortlessly and is the perfect first step in your routine. I don't currently have one in my skincare rotation, need to repurchase for sure, but I love how luxurious this feels on the skin. The scent is very spa like, which is quite fitting for the brand, and the way my skin feels after is heavenly! I don't find it stings my eyes either which is something I always look for. 

Redness Relief Essence // I love an essence for calming and soothing the skin, this one in particular is gorgeous. It's very nice if you have sensitive or dry skin as the formula isn't at all irritating or packed full of fragrance. I also love to use this after I've epilated my legs as it doesn't make them feel itchy or dry! It's a great one to have in your cupboard for those dryer skin days where your skin can't tolerate much. 


Biolumin C Serum and Eye Serum // Two from the Biolumin range now, and these may just be my all time faves! Vitamin C is an essential ingredient for me, it's a skincare powerhouse when it comes to brightening the skin and evening out any texture -my skin loves it! The eye serum is very very lightweight and really helps with my dark circles. I'm not targeting fine lines yet, so an eye product like this is perfect. The packaging is also great at preserving the product as it's completely opaque - same with the skin serum! The face serum is something I've been using daily and my skin is a lot more luminous and evened out. I also find that any under-the-skin bumps have been reduced, and overall my skin feels and looks a lot smoother. This stuff isn't cheap I will admit, but a good Vitamin C serum is something I would invest in time and time again. 

Hydro Masque Exfoliant // This is a new one from Dermalogica, and it's no secret I love a face mask, so I was very excited for this launch. I was lucky enough to attend the virtual launch and got to see the product in action before it was released. Loving these zoom sessions with brands, anyone else?? The idea is that it exfoliates the skin without being dry. You can leave this on for as little as 5 minutes (winner) and it will leave the skin renewed, luminous, and healthy. The packaging it quite cool as well, I've not seen anything quite like it, but I love that you can really control the product, and you're not dipping your fingers into a pot every time. This is also SUPER cooling, it has that cucumber scent which feels so nice on the skin! 

Prisma Protect SPF30 // There's not a lot of SPFs in my routine that I will consistently reach for everyday, it takes a lot to impress me, especially when I'm wearing them under makeup. This is one of the only formulas that doesn't seem to effect my makeup application in the slightest. I will always let it sink in for about 5-10 minutes, just to make sure it's not sitting on the skin when I go in with foundation etc. Being broad spectrum it offers the perfect amount of protection from the sun, so make sure you don't skip this step!! It's not completely white cast free - BUT if you're applying the correct amount of any SPF you will always get some white residue, it's inevitable unfortunately.