Today we're hopping into the bathroom to chat skincare! Possibly my favourite topic to discuss, because I feel like that really is the base to any beauty routine. My skin leans more on the dry and dehydrated side - there are days where my skin will literally drink up makeup (not very pretty) so I'm always on the hunt for products that will help to prevent that. Make sure you also check out the full routine over on my YouTube channel for more details. 

Of course I always start by taking off my makeup, then follow that up with another cleanser. My double cleansing duo will be no surprise to you all - it's, of course, the Body Shop Chamomile Cleansing Butter and the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel. Together they really hydrate and nourish the skin, leaving it prepped for my other products. I also throw in my Foreo Luna to ensure I'm really getting into my pores and efficiently cleaning out my skin. I'm not sure if the Luna Play has been discontinued?! I'm struggling to find it anywhere at the moment - can someone please confirm! Gutted if it has been as it's a great affordable option if you want to test it out. 

Once my skin has been successfully cleansed I will pop some of the Ren Ready Steady Glow onto a reusable cotton round and swipe this across my face, focusing on the areas that are a little more textured. This is a great chemical exfoliant to remove any dead cells that are on the outermost layer of your skin. It is for daily use, so it's not too harsh, and I find it really great for smoothing and brightening. 

I then go with an essence to further brighten the skin and to add luminosity. The Fresh Black Tea Treatment Essence also contains anti-pollutants so it's great for maintaining clear skin. Then I'm ready for eye cream, or in this case, an eye serum. The Dermalogica Biolumin-C Eye Serum has been SO lovely - I've really been impressed. It's pricey, but if you're looking for a product to hydrate and brighten the eyes, this is your guy! 

My serum and moisturiser combo is all about hydration (surprise) so I've been using my Glossier Super Bounce Serum, which is a hyaluronic based product. This stuff is perfect if you want to go in with a heavier product over the top, as it's super lightweight and will sink in quickly. This is also a lovely one for AM use. The Rodial Magic Gel Night Cream has been my go-to night cream as of late. It's a very light formula, and the texture feel super luxe and nourishing on the skin. The packaging is also A+++, the push down dispenser keeps the product fresh, and it's also a lot more hygienic.