I don't know about you, but I've been really inspired this year to have a little bit of a clear-out. I think lockdown had everyone clearing out their closets, decluttering their homes, and seeing what we can actually live without. Now, I don't want to to willy-nilly throw away parts of my beauty collection, however there are most definitely products that are reaching the end of their life-spans, and I'd love to see them used up before the end of this year! I'll have to report back in January to see if I was successful or not, but I think it's a fun little beauty project to focus on...and here are the products I'm going to aim to finish up! 

Smashbox Water BB Cream

I absolutely love this foundation, well BB cream, and I feel like it's one of those products I use so frequently that I'm surprised it's still going. So you might be asking 'why do you want to get rid of it if you love it so much?' and I just want to try some other tinted bases that are out there. The Dior Face and Body has been screaming my name, as well as some of the Ilia bases, and I'd love to use this up first before purchasing something new. 

Alya Face Mask 

This is another product that I love, but I feel like it may be reaching it's expiry now, hence why I'm keen to finish it off. If you want to pick up a more clarifying face mask, but you're worried about making your skin dry or stripped, this is a lovely one. It contains rose, which is very hydrating, yet the clay helps to draw out impurities within the skin. 

Gallinee Foaming Cleanser

I really love cleaners, and I tend to always have a few on rotation. This is a great one if you have more oily/problematic skin - I personally don't, so there are days where this is a little too drying for me. I do tend to reach for it after I've worked out and I really want to get rid of all the sweaty build-up, but other than that there are other cleansers I will reach for first. I'm keen to use it up, but be warned if you have dry skin this may not be the one for you. 

Benefit Hoola Light 

This is such a cult product, not just from Benefit, but in the industry as a whole. I love that they released a couple more shades, and the 'light' really has taken a beating from me. I'm very shocked that I've managed to hit pan on this, I never could with the original Hoola that's for sure. I think because the shade is a little lighter you can be heavier handed with it and it's not going to look streaky or muddy. Again, like the BB Cream, there's more bronzers I have my eye on that I'd love to test out. 

Dermalogica Vit C Eye Serum 

I've loved using this eye cream, but I do have another Vitamin C contender waiting in the wings that I'm eager to get started on. I'm one of those people who doesn't like to have loads of skincare open at one time, which is why I'm always holding out until I've finished something else. If you don't like heavy eye creams, this is a serum, so it sits beautifully under the eyes especially if you're a makeup wearer. 

Benefit Galifornia Blush 

Another Benefit product...and I promise you I'm not bashing the brand here, I've just had this sitting in my collection taking up a lot of space frankly...anyone else find these box blushes a little bit of a pain to store? With the being said, I do love the shade, especially for summer. I feel like this year I've already used it loads and I'm excited to continue digging my way through. It's a beautiful coral blush, looks absolutely gorgeous with a tan! Also it smells like peaches, it's bloody lovely.