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Come winter, comes dry skin - that seems to be the motto I live by this time of year, not by choice of course. I am definitely one of those people who will consciously add more moisturising products into their routine in the colder months, and for me that all starts with a cracking night treatment.

Image result for dermalogica sleep cocoonDermalogica have a few stand-out products in their range for dry/dull skin, and in today's post I'm going to be focusing on their Sound Sleep Cocoon. If you do want to hear my thoughts on some of their other products do let me know!

This is an overnight treatment, much like the Origins Drink Up Intense Mask but with a bit more going on and a slightly lighter formula. Their Sleep Cocoon has been specifically formulated to hydrate and brighten the skin whilst you sleep - getting your beauty sleep has never rung so true. It doesn't feel like your traditional moisturiser, it almost has that silicone slip to it, but it feels gorgeous on the skin.

With Tamarind Seed, Lavender Oil and Silk Tree Extract packed in, this really is a lovely nighttime treatment. The hints of lavender help to relax me as well, making it even easier to get to sleep, big plus! If you're sensitive to essential oils that maybe something to bare in mind, however I don't find them too overpowering personally. My skin the next day feels so so soft, and I can certainly see it appears brighter and more hydrated. I do tend to pair this on top of my Farryn Amber Lunar Night Oil which is amazing too for dry skin!

Now this is quite pricey, at £72 this isn't going to be something you pick up on a whim, however if that is within your budget and you're after a product to truly transform your skin overnight I think it's money well spent.