Fresh is a brand that I have been using for years now, and I continue to find new products I love from their range. They have a wonderful selection to suit any skin concern - I've even got my mum hooked!! I have my stand-out products which I use all the time, such as the Soy Cleanser and Rose Hydrating Mask, however I wanted to touch a few products I have been using lately which maybe I don't talk about all that much.

To give this post a little bit of context, my skin is dry/combo. I get an oily t-zone from time to time, but on the whole my skin tends to lean on the dry and dehydrated end of the scale. For that, I love to use products which offer a tonne of hydration, as well as brightening properties.

Let's try to go in order of application, so I guess we'll start with the mask...

I definitely don't use this everyday, however since living and working in London, my skin certainly needs a helping hand when it comes to easing congestion. Their Umbrian Clay Mask is your classic clay consistency that dries down and sucks out any dirt from your pores. I will apply this 1-2 times a week, mainly when I can see my skin really needs it, and it's a lovely way to detox the skin at the end of the day. You get quite a lot of product in here, I've had this tub for a while now and I still have plenty left. Their masks are more on the pricey side, I believe this retails for around £50, but I can't recommend them enough. This also contains camomile which is great for soothing the skin and avoiding that tight/stripped feeling you can sometimes get when using clarifying products.

Onto the more day-to-day products, the first being the Rose Hydrating Toner Mist - I can't start my day without this! I adore toners in the morning, especially ones you can simply mist onto the skin to perk-up and refresh the face. This is really soothing on the skin as well, and gives an instant dose of hydration - the rose scent isn't too overpowering which I appreciate.

Essences are a product I never really knew I needed in my skincare routine, but I'm hooked! They were used in traditional Korean skincare, and I feel like the SKII essence popularised them in the Western world, making other brands follow suit. The Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Treatment Essence is what I have been currently using and I love love love it. This has anti-pollution properties which I'm all about right now (thanks to the Kombucha) and the extracts of mandarin help to even out the skin's complexion. There's a lot of great benefits packed into this product which is why I've been reaching for it both day and night. I like to apply my essences after I've cleansed, but before any serums. They almost act as a hydration sponge for any moisturisers/oils you may apply after. Big win for me.

Have you tried Fresh? If so, what do you love from their range?