Finding new skincare is something that excites me greatly. I love it, and how it makes me (and my skin) feel when I discover a new favourite. Everyone knows that Korean skincare is a huge trend in the industry, and their brands are highly sort after. I was contact by Murmura, an online UK retailer which specialises in innovative and high-quality Korean beauty. Basically, your one-stop-shop to great skin. They kindly sent over a few bits for me to try - and of course I will be keeping it real and telling you my own views and opinions on each product.

After having a look through their site, one brand in particular caught my eye - Thank You Farmer. I've seen this brand floating around, and it looked and sounded like something I would really enjoy. It's a great brand which promote simple skincare for the everyday consumer, as well as using a range of naturally derived ingredients. So, let's get to the products, shall we? 

Now, I must admit, I'm not a huge miceller/cleansing water kind of gal. But, I did of course want to give the Thank You Farmer Cleansing Water a go so I could see how it performed.

I've used the classics from Garnier, Nivea, and so on, and I was never sold. They would always sting a little too much around the eyes for my liking so I rarely reached for them again. I'm happy to report this doesn't sting the eye area at all. It removes traces of makeup really well, especially if you're into your low-maintence products. 

It's packed full of natural plant extracts which help break down makeup, without leaving your skin feeling tight or stripped. 

I have actually been using this more in the morning. I find it the perfect, quick cleanse, before I move onto the rest of my skincare and makeup application. 

The Foaming Gel Cleanser is another cleansing pick from the range. The site does recommend to use this first (if you're using it in conjunction with the cleansing water), but I actually found the Cleansing Water more effective and gentle at removing makeup around the eye area, so I'll go in with their Foaming Cleanser as a second step. I do like this, I found it left my skin feeling very clean and refreshed but without that tight, squeaky clean feeling. If you have an oily skin type, I think this would be a nice cleanser to add to your routine. I will continue to use this every now and then, when my skin is breaking out, or I have a lot of congestion, but it hasn't quite made it to my everyday stash. 

Murmura do have a very cool cleansing device which I was super excited, and intrigued, to try out. It's called their Pore Cleansing Brush, and is packed with charcoal infused bamboo bristles which help to clean out your pores. This is a great little tool to use alongside your cleanser. It's so so soft, and very gentle on the skin. If you live in a city, this will work wonders to tackle the effects of pollution. If you use the code "BYMILLIE"you will receive a free Pore Cleansing Brush with your first order. The site has some wonderful products on offer, so it's definitely worth a quick look. 

There are two more products to go, and I think I've saved the best till last.

The Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Toner is something I have been using everyday as part of my morning skincare routine.

This is very different to a traditional toner. It hasn't got that strong alcohol vibe, where you can smell it a mile off, and worry that it may be burning your skin. It's such a hydrating, nourishing product, amazing for dry skin.

I would say this is similar to an essence, a skincare product which has been doing the rounds lately. The formula is a liquid-gel consistency, so it's a lot more soothing on the skin.

I always pop this on using a cotton pad, and it leaves my skin feeling so soft, and looking very glowy and plumped.

The packaging is gorgeous too. It has a handy pump, and the glass bottle makes it feel super luxe - although not very travel friendly!

The True Water Deep Serum is another one which has crept into my morning routine. I'm a huge serum fan, I use them every morning without fail. They're a great way to add moisture to the skin, without using a thick and heavy cream. 

Filled with aloe vera, hydrating sodium hyaluronate and cell supporting ceramics, it helps maintain a youthful complexion as well as plumping the skin. It sinks in really well too, making this a great morning skincare addition. 

Make sure to check out Marmura if you're on the look out for some new skincare bits. If you do make a purchase, don't forget to use the code "BYMILLIE" for your free Pore Cleansing Brush. 

Let me know if you've tried out any Thank You Farmer products, and if so, what did you love?